Review: Longmire Season 6, The Final Season

Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackhoff Katee Sackhoff, and Adam Bartley in Longmire

Season 6 of Longmire brought the Sheriff Walt Longmire story to an end in a way that I’m sure made many fans happy. As a whole, I thought the season was excellent. It gave the actors some room to stretch, resolved a number of lingering issues, and went out on a golden rainbow of happiness. There are spoilers ahead.

Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire had gone a bit over the deep end last season in pursuit of Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez). He returned to a more balanced view of Nighthorse in season 6, and even came to appreciate the man a bit. That’s because Malachi Strand (Graham Greene) turned out to be the REAL evil guy. Malachi tried to kill almost everyone in season 6.

As usual, Longmire relied on his friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) and his deputies Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (Adam Bartley) with the investigating and apprehension of the bad guys infesting their county in Wyoming. The problems there were the same ones bedeviling the entire country: drugs and corruption.

Walt’s daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman), who was in the good graces of the Cheyenne nation in season 5, fell out of the good graces this season. After an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever, Cady lost all her clients. She almost left town but was detained in Wyoming by a handsome fellow who Walt once fired named Zach (Barry Sloane). Cady also had a last minute change of heart about leaving town for another reason I won’t reveal. It was a surprising plot twist.

Katee Sackhoff in Longmire
Katee Sackhoff played Vic

Vic was pregnant at the end of season 5, but not very far along. Early in season 6 she is shot and loses the baby.  The grieving process over that loss was explored in season 6. It gave Katee Sackhoff a chance to show more emotional depth that she previously has in this part.

I discovered when I wrote this post about the age difference between Walt and Vic that many fans of the books felt they should be together in the TV series as they were in the books. I didn’t agree, but those fans got their happy ending in season 6. Vic told Walt in many ways that she loved him, without ever coming out and saying the words. He finally made the move to do something about it, even though he was her boss and shouldn’t have.

The preparation for the final episode, with Vic talking to her dad (John Doman) about being a “girl” and grieving over her lost baby plus her worrying over Walt’s safety weren’t enough for me to accept her transformation in the last episode. Walt and Vic have a big sex scene, then she’s suddenly this little hausfrau in a feminine outfit who waits at home while Walt goes off on adventures. Nope.

I could have done without that bow to the patriarchy as Walt and Vic reached their happy ending.

Despite my complaints about how Walt and Vic ended up, most of the season rolled along with the same amount of danger and tension that characterized all 6 seasons of Longmire. Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him. Primal heroic story, that.

There are many important characters in season 6 I haven’t mentioned but I want to give a particular shout out to Tantoo Cardinal as the Crow medicine woman. I loved every scene she was in. It was also fun to see Tamara Duarte as Cady’s assistant Mandy because I loved her character in Wynonna Earp so much.

It seemed they were determined to give every good character a happy ending. It got a bit too sweet and fluffy for me. I assume they felt the fans deserved it for saving the show and giving it extra life on Netflix for the last few seasons. Keep everyone on the edge of their seats for 5.9 seasons and then give them 0.1 season that leaves ’em feeling all warm and cuddly.

Longmire inspires admiration for its straight arrow, all American hero Walt Longmire. Robert Taylor plays him with so much depth and strength that you can’t help but love the guy. If only all American men were so morally sound and good of heart. It’s been a wonderful series to watch for 6 seasons and I’m going to miss seeing more of it.

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  1. I agree about Vic and Walt. It was one thing when it was Vic having misplaced feelings for him, but having him return the feelings and acting on them while still her boss plus while actually on active duty was wholly inappropriate.

    I also agree about Tantoo Cardinal, she was my favorite character in the whole series.

    As for Walt being a righteous stand up guy, I’m not sure I completely agree. While his heart was usually in the right place, he broke the law and crossed ethical boundaries quite often in pursuit of his own idea of judgement. I don’t think he was ever sufficiently called to account for that. Cops violating the rights of the people they are pursuing is never acceptable, no matter how guilty the suspect might be.

    Cady’s fall from grace was a refreshing look at how well-meaning but ethnocentric white people too often ignore the wishes and beliefs of the people they want to help.

    1. Glad to hear your thoughts on this, Skater Girl. I thought Cady’s interactions with the Cheyenne people were one of the most interesting things in the series. Overall I thought Longmire’s portrayal of native people was respectful. I was especially interested in the way each woman who crossed the finish line in the triathalon (except Vic) was greeted by her people.

      1. I surprisingly liked the series better than I thought I would. The ending wasn’t bad nor great but fine. At first I really thought the show showed Native Americans in a good light displaying their culture\honor, way of life but this season kinda made them look bad to me. Their understood hatred\distrust of white people, addictions, heavy crime, but the moral conflict of the boy to me made them look bad. No matter how you look at ethical/moral conflicts seeing them turn into an angry mob over the safety of the child made me second guess their perception of their culture. I get the point and applaud their spine to delve into this topic but to me it made them look bad rather than positive proud community.The only other thing that got me was we dont know what happened to Jacob, he just disappeared and was only one of the most important character and poor Ferg going from a joke to coming into his own only to wind up a joke again.

    2. What makes Vic’s feelings for Walt misplaced? She’s in her thirties and I can easily say that the Longmire character as played by Robert Taylor is very attractive and lovable. Her attraction to him has been obvious since the first season but she has never thrown herself at him in my memory. We usually can’t control our feelings but we can control our actions and she did until she was awash in post pregnancy hormones and crises.

      As a former police lieutenant I have been startled by some of Longmire’s actions. But this series was more real than the vast majority of television police shows in a couple of ways. It doesn’t matter if the cops are smarter than the crooks, the system is stacked against the victims and justice is frequently an ideal but not a reality. I’m not advocating for law enforcement officers to violate suspects’ rights. I never crossed the line but I can understand the frustration when criminals needed to do no more than run one way to the county with the crooked sheriff or the other way to the reservation with a police chief who also crossed the line when it suited him. He and Longmire often worked at cross purposes. I also don’t know what I might have done if my spouse had been murdered but there was no path to conviction of the perpetrator. I think that most cops are fans of “frontier justice” while understanding that it’s a crime and they respect the law and follow it. If they don’t they should go to prison. There may be explanations but there are no excuses.

    3. I just want to know who the baby’s father was… was it Travis? Were we supposed to assume that it was from her taking him breakfast & looking for him?

  2. Thank you for persevering with your reviews all the way to the end.

    I especially like your wisdom in that even if the ending was way too saccarine, that still leaves 5.9 seasons to like.

      1. i agree with you on the relationship issue. i just couldn’t see walt with vic mainly because vic is so much different than martha. plus working together.
        i did totally like cady being/running for sheriff. that was highlight of the last few minutes!!
        i have a question that’s been bugging me & i hope someone knows the answer. walt was sent the cowboy & indian statues from henry’s safe. WHO sent them? i never saw anything else about that? did i miss something?

          1. Cary was a weak big crybaby!! Never make it as sherif she can’t even get through a day without a meltdown

  3. While I appreciate that this is theater and story-telling I have a few issues. I have an objection to the portrayal of Native Americans and the dilemma over the sick child.

    The license to create a plot only carries so far. Full Disclosure – I am an attorney and a Native American.

    1. Sick child – Tribal courts have their own independent status on reservation. Going to the tribal council before going to the tribal judge is just an example of poor research on the writer’s part. Simply put, that is not how it works. The show made the tribal council appear to tone-deaf to the health of the child and focus only on the fact that the white woman was the problem. To that end, I believe the show misrepresents Natives and was racist in its presumptions. It perpetuates biases on both sides.

    2. Sick Child – The Indian Child Welfare Act provides for access to petition the court on behalf of any child in need of care. The law allows for taking such a child into emergency custody. A social worker can call on tribal police to take emergency custody of a child under ICWA. Indeed, in an earlier season Longmire’s daughter mentioned it and seems to have forgotten.

    3. The casino. Tribal casinos are the most regulated business entity in Indian Country. The Indian Gaming Act requires extensive background checks of all principals and requires close cooperation between the tribe and the state the tribe is in. Again, simple research as to what really goes on would have been helpful. The plot line of having the ownership “signed” over to Malaki just would not happen.

    4. The lawsuit. The matter was a civil case but the script kept on saying the “prosecution” rather than the plaintiff. Prosecutions are brought by the state in criminal matters not by individuals. The court scenes were laughable and brought to mind Perry Mason sensibility. No half competent lawyer would ask the question of a witness “How can you prove that?” without already knowing the answer. Again, lazy writing and research.

    All in all, I enjoyed the story line and appreciated the core characters development. It just got lazy on the fringes.

    1. As a former police lieutenant who spent much of my early career investigating reports of physical and sexual abuse and the neglect of children, I’m well versed in how a situation in which a child’s parents are refusing modern medical care for their seriously ill child would be handled in my state. I spent a lot of time during that story arc saying to myself that there must be a way to protect a child who is at risk on the reservation. My state does have a law that allows parents to refuse medical treatment for their child based on religious beliefs. It can be used as an affirmative defense if the child dies and the parents are charged. In reality, in the cases that I know about, the family court has always granted an emergency order for Children’s Services to take custody of the child with the understanding that they will get the child the medical care that he or she needs. To my knowledge, the children have always lived. I have to think that the parents, in some part of their heart,have been grateful to have the decision taken away from them when their child is facing death but that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

      I believe that all fifty states also require that teachers report suspected abuse or neglect of minors to child protective agencies or the police. There are criminal penalties if they fail to do so. That may just be wishful thinking on my part, too, considering how many cases seem to fall through the cracks. To my knowledge, our prosecutor’s office has never followed through on a prosecution of such a case. I was ordered twice in my time in hell to refrain from charging a required reporter who thought that he knew better than Children’s Services and the police department how to handle suspected abuse. In the case of the teacher it was to ignore it. In the case of the minister, he and his fellow male pastors confronted the suspect who confessed, begged for forgiveness and promised never to do it again. Of course, he did. That time, Mom had had enough and left the bastard.

  4. I found what would be the real-life counterpart to the “tribal council” Nighthorse is heading:

    I never saw Cady filling in this form in order to appear before the Council 😉

    Reading their constitution, there should be 11 seats. Rewatching the ep, however, I count 9 councilors…

    Makes me wonder – behind them hangs “the great tribal seal of the cheyenne nation” with two feathers over black, white, red and yellow, respectively. I can’t find anything like this – makes me wonder if the production could have made it up from nothing…?

  5. The whole Walt Vic get together creeped me out. Like watching a daughter make out with her father. Why couldn’t they just left a father figure relationship. Ick.

    1. Although I was creeped out as well by seeing two people who are 25-30 years apart in age have sex, that’s my issue, not theirs. I would prefer to see them both with a partner closer to their own age.

      But Vic did not take on a hausfrau persona in any way. Firstly, women law enforcement officers are usually no different than other women in their personal relationships. Romance is not an alien experience for them. It certainly wasn’t for me. Secondly, Vic decided to stay behind to continue her career. It was wholly her choice. Walter left for the road which was his choice. Walt didn’t feel the need to insist that Vic go with him on his travels although I’m sure that he would have happily taken her along if she had wanted to go. Vic had no problem with Walt going off on his own because she had the comfort of knowing that he was no longer crossing swords with the multitude of bad guys in their part of Wyoming. She also knew that he couldn’t resign his job and stay in the area, at least for some period of time. It’s hard to give up being a law enforcement officer for those of us for whom it is a calling and for those who are addicted to the power. Walt was the first kind and Vic understood that. By the same token, Walt didn’t try to invalidate Vic’s decision to continue what is obviously a dangerous but fulfilling career for her. If he had tried and she had given in so that he didn’t get angry or make a clear break with her, she would have been a hausfrau, even on the road.

      1. I didn’t pick up on the idea that Vic was going to stay on as a deputy. Katee Sackhoff is what drew me into the whole Longmire story in the first place. I loved that her character was as capable and strong as everyone else in the department. I loved her in uniform with a gun on her hip. I didn’t really want to see her in a flowing dress with pretty sandals on her feet. But you’re right. People are not just one thing. No one is only a cop and nothing more.

        1. When Walt urged Cady to run for sheriff, he says that Vic will help her learn about the law enforcement part of the job–this is why I assume Vic stayed on as deputy. ps–thanks for the thoughtful review.

          1. I must have missed the part about Vic staying on. I was so insulted by the idea of her sitting one the porch waiting for her man to return I think it fried my brain for other details.

            Thank you for reading.

          2. When Cady ask Walt why Vic can’t be sheriff, he says, “She’s a cop, through and through.” That’s why I think she continues her career.

        2. I only heard the part where Walt told Cady that she could turn to Vic for either more advice or training, and that could be interpreted in more than one way.

      2. Actually, Robert Taylor is 54 and Katee Sackhoff 37, so while the age difference is substantial, it’s not quite as significant as some make it out to be. I guess you could make the argument that Katee looks damn good for 37, but given that Vic was a homicide detective with five years’ experience before moving to Wyoming, the character also has to be well into her thirties.

    2. In the books, which I love and have read them all, Viv and Walt are a couple almost from the git go. I’m one of the few who wasn’t happy having to wait 6 seasons for the two of them to finally get together and I couldn’t be happier. I will miss this wonderful show so much!

      1. I agree. The relationship seemed natural to me, and too long coming. On the other hand, having Cady fall in to the sheriff’s position felt false; why not Vic? I enjoyed seeing Sackoff reveal emotional depth, although I thought the miscarriage was overplayed. Overall, though, the finale was successful, and I will miss the show.

        1. I agree about the leap of Cady becoming sheriff — as long as the sheriff continues to be an active duty position as long as administrative. If it were administrative, she’d be fine at it. But we’ve seen no sign that she can pursue bad guys or buffalo obnoxious drunks back into their place or even thoroughly question a suspect.

        2. Having suffered through a miscarriage of an unexpected pregnancy, I was very grateful to see it handled on the show with such depth and understanding. I wish there had been a support group I could have attended. Until you’ve been through it, you can’t understand. Especially if it is not your first. From the moment you know you are pregnant, those “cells” are a child to you – your child. I was crushed when I lost mine at 8 weeks.

    3. My husband and I both agree Walt and Vic just didn’t seem right We felt he cared for her as a daughter respectfully and morally We thought it was nice that Walt tried to have a relationship with a woman his age instead of someone his daughters age That drew us to enjoy Longmire all the more I felt Vic was after him sexually always For Walt and Vic to to have sex was just beyond our idea of Walt’s decency and his morality I felt the story was going in that direction for a longtime My husband just refused to except it until he saw for himself We both were glad it didnt happen earlier in the series because we would have stopped watching So Yes ICK !

    4. Agree100%!! Ridiculous. All those seasons and they end with a graphic sex scene????
      He should have stayed away from her, if nothing else out of respect.

  6. I guess in the end, we can’t prevent Katee from choosing hausfrau roles (not that I’m saying Vic was one).

    We might see her as this bad-ass; but in the end, that’s her character, not her.

  7. I loved the sixth season. I thought it had a good ending. I was so happy Walt and Vic finally got together. There was an age difference but they fell in love . They were both strong willed and I think they made a good couple. They needed each other and were both a lot alike in some ways . I liked the ending it showed what happened to all of them . Robert Taylor is a great actor . I loved every season . I’m going to miss Longmire. Thanks for 6 great seasons.

  8. I don’t understand why the two main characters always have to couple. I was disappointed in that end. Also, I thought several things were wrapped up too neatly. No more Chance Gilbert relative altercations or drama after his demise, never heard more from the mayor or Sheriff Wilkins (Tom Wopat) after the civil suit was dropped (figured they would continue their pressure on Walt), and, most puzzling, everyone just accepted that Walt found a written confession from Lucian that exonerated Walt as the prime suspect in two deaths. Just a little too neat and unbelievable in my opinion.

  9. The comments from the women here regarding the “age difference” between Walt and Vic (and the comments like “ick” and “yuck”) are ridiculous! In real life, the actors’ ages are 54 and 37. That’s a 17 year difference — hardly anything to write being “creeped out” about. My last girlfriend and I had an 18 year age difference and we had a fantastic and loving relationship. (Of course, she wasn’t an American — I’ve found that age discrimination is worst globally amongst American women). I feel sorry for you women who get caught up on age.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment in my opinion age is just a number
      Two people can love each other no matter what the age difference is

  10. I want to share something I talked about elsewhere in regard to the Longmire series. There’s a trope in the entertainment world that women over a certain age aren’t considered viable as romantic partners. Men, however, are romantic leads up into their 70s and are paired with much younger women.

    Here are a few references to the kind of thing I’m talking about:

    Women remain beautiful and sexy and worthy of love when they pass that 40 mark. Any film or TV show that offers an example of an over 40 woman who gets the man will get a thumbs up from me.

    In real life, not a TV show, I think people fall in love with who they fall in love with. Age isn’t a factor. Love isn’t decided based on age. That’s real life. It’s multitudinous and doesn’t come with script writers.

    But in the world of pop culture, where one TV show, one relationship, stands as an example of “everyman and everywoman” then I think the trend needs to move away from the norm being an older man and a younger woman. I’m not arguing that every relationship on TV has to be between two people of the same age, I’m saying the the historic discounting of women over 40 as viable romantic leads needs to change.

  11. During the romantic scene with Walt and Vic I had to look away. I couldn’t even watch. He always seemed like a father figure in relation to her, I am a male about Walt’s age. It was not surprising that it went that way in the story really. Also, the comments made above were very insightful. The one about the mayor getting off Walt’s back and the too easy wrap up of the murder case because of Lucian’s written confession. I also found the tribal council scene to be hard to swallow. Overall, it was a great series that I enjoyed very much. I think the best actor was guy who played Night Horse. Martinez I believe.That guy was awesome. What a challenging role.

  12. I stopped watching in season 5. Longmire broke the law yet self righteously went after others who also did for the same reasons. The romantic relationship was unprofessional. Katies character was a poor representation of strong women. Her character slept around and actively went after her boss and tried to sabotage his relations with other women. A ridiculous portrayal of law enforcement and so called brave honorable men and women. I know real officers both male and female who have a lot more integrity. Shame it started out as a good show. Maybe thats why it was cancelled. Glad i read your column. I will avoid the closure.

    1. Vic slept around?? In six seasons, she had sex about five times! News flash: strong women have sex, and that includes women in law enforcement.

      1. Lacey, strength has nothing to do with sleeping around. It is one’s moral values that determine that. I don’t say this as a judgment, simply the core of it.

  13. The idea that Cady Longmire would be Walt’s choice as his heir-apparent in the Sheriff’s office was totally silly, she was annoying wishy-washy throughout the entire series. It was especially unbelievable that her-overprotective father would encourage her to do it (in the same episode that he exposed his thirteen gun/knife wounds). And to imply that she and Zack are still a couple begins her potential tenure with an inappropriate supervisor/subordinate relationship.

    Personally, I believe a much better story arc would have been to build on how far Ferg had come as a police officer. It would have been very cool for the character who was considered a joke by his coworkers and community in the first season to grow into the role of Sheriff by the finale.

    1. I thought the Cady thing was another way to wrap up the story in cotton candy. Both Cady and Vic were badly written characters, changing willy nilly from season to season. Cady becoming sheriff seemed like poetic justice, but you’re right. Ferg is much more qualified.

      1. Virginia, Thanks for your review of Longmire. Please watch the Netflix limited series, “Godless” for a great western genre experience. I think you and your readers will love it. Bye for now, Blackbird

          1. …mostly women, a few old men, reporter guy, couple of young men, a sheriff brother with vision problems. It was pretty good, had an amazing wrap up. Old west, while Longmire was Matt Dillon and friend Miss Kitty being teleported into our time.

    2. I totally agree about it being ridiculous that Cady could ever be sheriff, given all the bad and impulsive decisions she made throughout the show. I never liked her character. Besides she was leaving in the first place because the Native-Americans had lost faith in her – so she could never win any of their votes to replace Walt. In fact, the whole finale was so fairy-tale like and ridiculous (and this from a series that was usually so gritty and real-life) that it was an insult. I felt the writers were laughing at the viewers, with poor plotlines like Cady’s run at sheriff and her happily-ever after ending with a man she had known for five minutes. Then Longmire giving up a job he loved for Vic, instead to go treasure-hunting – something he always thought to be a foolish venture when others did it! And Ferg proposing to his nurse girlfriend? Did the writers (were they changed for the finale?) actually think that the viewers wanted such an unreal ending? The final thumbing of the nose came when Walt at the end was shown having his own mobile phone – something he had always eschewed throughout the whole show. It was like the writers were sending a message “Haha, we have changed all the characters around to be very conventional,dull and predictable, so there!” How could author Craig Johnson allow such a poor, sickly sweet finale for a truly great series? Very disappointed fan here…

      1. Also, moral and ethically minded Henry ended up as the manager of a casino that steals people of their savings – please! It’s like they tried to write the characters as exact opposites for the finale. I guess they didn’t want the fans to request any more seasons of Longmire …

    3. I totally agree. A little nutty to me that Cady who has no law enforcement experience other than having a sheriff for a father would go for that position. Why not Ferg or Vic?

      Also, all of the talk about the age difference between Walt and Vic- the only reason it felt creepy to me is because Vic and Cady are around the same age (or look to be). If Walt didn’t have Cady, it wouldn’t have felt so funny.

  14. I was a little disappointed in a few things this season. One of the first things was the awkwardness between Vic and Walt. Shes been having a little crush on him since the show started but for some reason the writers created the reverse effect like Walt had a semi crush on her and she in turn felt awkward. Their chemistry was weird to me. Thus, the sex scence I could have done without. I think Walt is HOT, very handsome and sexy but I dont think he and Vic should have gotten involved sexually. I think it would have been fine for her to express her feelings for him (that she barely had this season or weirdly played out) but, i think he should have turned her down because of the ethics involved, the emotion and just out of respect for the situation/her well being. You dont have to sleep with everyone and I dont think he has ever been attracted to her. They never showed that in any season.

    And just an oberservation, Lizza who was interested in him on season 3, they never explained why he didnt really take to her. She was beautiful, wealthy and showed that she was interested in him but yet on season 4, this other lady comes along less attractive and super regular, and hes all into her. Just inconsistent in the writing. They also just write Lizza off the show, no remorse on Walts part nothing. I honestly would have respected the fact if they showed him vulnerable and just not ready after Martha but they didn’t.

    Also, I didnt get the point of Cady sweat premonition, that was never explained unless I missed something. And her running for Sheriff being a cop was a little strange to me. U cant just up and be a cop lol like wheres the training etc. What about Ferg?
    But anyone…..

  15. I loved the finale. Nothing’s perfect, but, as a fan of several long running series, I appreciate happy ‘endings’ for the characters. And this one was very satisfying.
    I esp loved the way they handled the Vic and Walt relationship this season, and the ending/beginning they gave them. There were several scenes this season showing Walt’s tender side towards Vic, as you could see him growing emotionally closer to her. I thought the sex scene was beautifully done, and the song choice amazingly poignant. In contrast to the awkwardness Walt had with Donna when they tried to get intimate, this scene and the following one on the porch, showed the comfort he had with Vic. Finally taking it to the next level seemed very natural. And in this mature loving relationship they now have, both are free to live their own lives. Vic will keep the home fires burning while she continues on as a deputy, and Walt can pursue his bucket list. Perfect.
    And I have absolutely no problem with the age difference. I’m 12 years younger than my husband, and we couldn’t be happier. Also, when we met (38 years ago), he was my boss and mentor. Being in the same demanding career can be a very strong bonding experience.
    I’m so grateful to Netflix for picking up the series, and for allowing proper closure. It’s also nice to have all the episodes available to watch from the beginning. And I would love to see a TV movie: Cady is sheriff, Vic a deputy, Henry as casino manager, and Walt while home gets drawn into a new or old crime storyline. Works for me!

    1. Jen, I Completely agree with your interpretation of their relationship and how the final season played out. It was perfect.
      It developed over years and Walt did feel the same way, just not as obvious and tried to deny them.
      I think he was ready to leave office to keep Vic and thats when he went from an implied goodbye to a ‘confirmed goodbye’.
      Who else could possibly handle Walt Longmire??? Vic… and maybe Ruby.
      I wish I knew what Vic told him on the porch about ‘What do we do now?” Never could understand her.

    2. That is a good sequel idea. Or they can have him answer that phone call. To Vic or whomever…but out riding the territory his old habits die hard and he gets drawn into one more mystery he feels compelled to help solve.

  16. I enjoyed this season but less than others. I felt the courtroom writing was sloppy and the wrap up of both the Gilbert clan and the attorney murder abrupt and unsatisfying. And the idea that Cady could just “become sheriff” ridiculous. She just went thru explaining to Zach about how she gave up her desires to leave Wyoming and to have a different life to take care of her parents and then boom. Walt comes in and tells her to be sheriff with no experience, training or know-how (and a mighty slap in the face to Vic and Ferg) and she’s all gung ho. That cheapened the ending and the sacrifice these officers have made throughout the story. But there were great moments of acting and I was happy to see Walt and Vic begin to navigate their lives together. Longmire will be missed.

  17. I “really liked” this show and only “liked” the ending. Yes, the ending was a “little” to much. Meh, I can live with all of it.

    About Vic and Longmire’s relationship…..I really missed the “father figure” part and just assumed he was simply “clueless.” Pretty much what you would expect from a man of any age. Also, there were a couple instances of close calls by both of them over the years. Bad timing in relationships I get. The “ick” factor for a couple of characters here I don’t get tho you are all entitled to your own opinions on this point.

    As for the “age factor” I just don’t see that as much of a problem. 17 years? Seriously? I’ve seen some of that in real life tho it almost always end badly but this is a book/tv show. For a piece of fiction this works for me.

    There is something I’m not quite sure of and I hope someone will help me out here……..are Vic and Longmire a couple here at the end of it all? Honestly, I’ve been bing watching this series from the beginning to the very end this week and I just finished up late last night so….Vic continues her career and Longmire is off searching for gold. Ok. However, are they a couple?

    1. For me, the idea of 17 years difference in REAL LIFE is people’s personal business. Love who you love, right? But in pop culture when we are barraged again and again by images of older men with younger women it becomes ‘the way things are.’ The idea that an older man might be with an older woman doesn’t even enter the picture as ‘the way things are.’ I put my objections to them ending up together in that larger cultural realm of worn out tropes that need to go away.

      1. I thought maybe it dealt with a contrast between Vic and the lady Dr. he was interested in. The latter showed some evidences of being somewhat less mature and stoic than Vic was. The therapist also had a needier side to her personae at the last. By stating that he and his lady friend just met at the wrong time, it meant more than the difficulties of Walt’s present circumstances being an obstacle to their relationship.
        But, yes, some older actresses being given their romantic due or central integrity in the script would be nice for a change. However, one can not always judge meanings by what appears obvious on the surface.

    2. I think it’s implied that they are a couple. She’s staying at his house, but not holding him back from doing what he wants to do. Nor is he stopping her from continuing her career as a cop. Different ages do put you in different stages of your life. But he has a home with her, as does she with him.

    3. She’s at home on his porch having her morning coffee, not running away in her trailer. I think that’s couple stuff.

    4. They took the Sopranos exit by writing your own ending leaving everything open ended. They got together and may or not be serious, friends with benefits, or we finally got that out of the way bucket list check box.. A longmire might still be a sheriff (maybe the call was she won) Ferg might get the girl, Henry got to serve his people as a leader hwere things actually might get better?

    5. That could be what the humor of the cell phone ringing means. It seems a sort of tongue in cheek nudge at the old formulae of the lone cowboy riding away at the end of many western episodes. This Marlboro Man no longer has to be alone in our day, as he has his trusty cell phone on his hip.
      I think they are the type of couple where both partners are fully self actualized adults. They faced down death in order to fully grasp the importance of each other. They need no one to complete them, but want an equal to share life with. Vic only has to advise or mentor Cady, and she does not have to work as a deputy if she wants to leave that part of her life soon. Walt would take a breather, then return. Trust, mutual trust, is suggested.

  18. As a huge fan of the show, I was a bit disappointed with the Vic and Walt ending. I have no problem with the age difference, especially since I’m not much older than Vic and have a massive crush on Walt. My biggest issue is with the chemistry between the two actors. I never felt any type of sexual energy between them. Perhaps if I had read the books, it would’ve helped with the desire to have them end up together, but for me it didn’t feel right.

    I’m torn with the Cady/Sheriff storyline. It didn’t make sense. Especially given that you have experienced officers already in place. I liked her character in the beginning but then she became a bit flaky to me (the same with Vic). I suppose the only thing I really liked about that particular ending was that a Longmire remained as sheriff. There was potential here to show two very strong female characters, but they missed the mark. Tantoo Cardinal as the Crow Medicine Woman though, what a great character!

    Minus all of that and the loose-ends they wrapped up a tad bit too neatly, it was an ending that I could live with. I loved this show, the characters, and the backdrop. It was like that feeling you get when you put on your favorite jeans. I will definitely miss Longmire.

    1. For me, the most interesting and complex characters were Nighthorse and Mathias. Over the six seasons, Mathias’ hostility and mistrust of the white police force was tempered with his desire to do his job for the people on the reservation. The writers missed a great opportunity by not exploring Mathias’ character more deeply. It was a lot more appealing to me than Walt and Henry’s self-righteous anger and Caty’s annoying (and clueless) “do-gooder” character.

    2. I agree with you!
      “a bit disappointed with the Vic and Walt ending”,
      “issue is with the chemistry between the two actors” There never was ANY between them. May have worked it they added some.
      “torn with the Cady/Sheriff storyline. It didn’t make sense.” TOTALLY! Felt out of place.
      ” potential here to show two very strong female characters, but they missed the mark” re: Cady & Vic.
      ” loose-ends they wrapped up a tad bit too neatly”
      So many comments on how it all ended…so many differing views & wishes.
      A few minor tweaks would have made it much better, but all in all, it was a GREAT show & I’ll miss the characters.
      Just have to get the yucky taste out of my mouth from the last few minutes.
      Guess they NEVER could have made us ALL happy, eh?
      Will miss them greatly.

  19. I really enjoyed the final season and was sad it ended. I think that Walt was such a strong father figure to Vic that them getting together in the end didn’t feel right. If he was born in a different era for his previous relationship to not work out and then just jumped in with Vic didn’t work for me. It wasn’t necessarily because of the age diffence but because they worked so hard to present Walt as a father figure for her and always trying to keep their relationship platonic. I was glad Catee ended up with someone at the end and I really liked how that worked out. Closure with the mayor would have been nice especially with the way he turned on Walt. I really enjoyed all the seasons and thought it was a great show.

  20. I don’t think of myself as a prude but that last episode, the sex scene was unnecessarily explicit. Won’t be watching that with my grandkids!!!

  21. Great comments – enjoyed reading all the different opinions. I don’t see anything wrong with the Vic/Walt relationship. The ending was just a bit to pat – Cady as the Sheriff didn’t make any sense to me, would have preferred The Ferg running. Henry running the casino properly will put money back into the community. Too vague about Vic’s baby daddy. and won’t Walt have same fears for Vic as she had for him – think they could have tweaked the writing a bit. looks like they just threw it together because the series ended and they wanted happy endings for everyone. All in all, enjoyed all 6 seasons. Robert Taylor was excellent doing an American accent. you would never know he was Australian. The rest of the cast did a great job also.

  22. I loved the show and will miss it very much. I don’t mind that Walt and Vic ended up together. Vic, having lived and worked in a big city and her life experiences make her “older” emotionally. She was still prone to some childish behavior but that is what makes her human.

    There was a scene seasons ago when Walt and Vic went out of town and had adjoining rooms. The scene enxed, if I remember right, with both of them staring at the adjoining door. There has always been secual tension between the two. I never saw Walt as a father figure to Vic, I always felt there was an attraction between them.

    The graphic scene did surprise me. I thought that it should have been kwpt more muted. More “understood” than explicit.

    I was happy that Cady was with Zach but suspended belief for her storyline. I’m happy that she seems to have found a partner but wonder if Wyoming is really for her. From the beginning she always wanted to leave. I am still pleased to see her happy. Glad to see Zach back too.

    As for Ferg, his ending seemed appropriate being that he was the awkward one. I believe that he and Meg got back together.

    All in all, I will miss the show. Everything may have seemed too neat but I enjoyed it all. So sad to see this show end.

  23. Sackhoff and Taylor didn’t have much chemistry together, I actually felt bad for Travis, he did everything for her and got little respect. Of course I hated ally walker so anything is better thN that

  24. I think as a whole the series wrapped up well. My one main issue would be the closure for walts total obsession with Nighthorse. i see that nighthorse had far more good in him than bad. Walt was just plain wrong on this and never really was held accountable. As previously mentioned, where was Nighthorse when the whole thing wrapped up? It’s not like he was a minor character. Also, the age difference between Walt and Vic is a non issue. My wife is 16 years younger. No one even notices.

  25. I loved that Walt and Vic shared a kiss in the truck, because I waited 6 seasons for it. Through the series, you knew that they cared for each other but he didn’t want to cross that line. I wanted it to be just a tenderness between them, turned romance…and felt the sex scene wasn’t needed to get that point across. Sometimes in movies and tv, I think they could just show a look or an embrace with a kiss that tells the story. In this case, I feel they didn’t need quite that much exposure. That said, I rather enjoyed the series and happy how it was wrapped up with the characters.

  26. Wow….I just got done watching the final. I think I agree with most folks here. The sweat was very good, but after a sweat, the medicine man helps to explain the visions. Another name for the ceremony is a vision quest. The look on her face was the same look I have seen on liberals who think they have just been handed the keys to the kingdom. Excellent acting. Then to have her rudely reminded that she was an outsider…awesome writing. I just wish Vic had hooked up with Travis. If for no other reason then to have some great character development. Overall I give the series a solid B+.

    1. “The look on her face was the same look I have seen on liberals who think they have just been handed the keys to the kingdom.” Exactly what is that supposed to mean? Can’t you just watch a TV show without getting all political? This thread was great until you came along. Ugh. Trumpets. The worst people in the world.

      1. I let Wade’s comments stand unremarked because wrapped around the liberal bash there were actual comments about the series. I don’t want this thread to devolved into a snipe fest. If it does, I’ll delete the offending comments.

  27. I didn’t see the ending as wrapping up everything in a pink bow. I just saw it ad a slice of life. Cady ran for sherrif but we don’t know if she won or whether she and Zach ended up together, Ferg made the grand gesture but did he get the girl? And we don’t know if Vic and Walt will stay together – I felt like it was left very open ended. And I’m not sure whether Henry’s becoming manager of the casino was a good thing for him but he must have felt like it was goos for his people.

    There were a few things that were left unanswered…but that too is life. I do wish the Walt-Vic sex scene had been a little less “sexy” since the series was PG-14. I guess the writers wanted to go out the a bang!

  28. I did think the ending was a bit too Pat as someone said, but was glad they all lived.
    My biggest beef is that when they showed the little clips of how everyone was moving forward, there wasn’t one for Night Horse. Was he exonerated from the heroin crime? Where was he now? I would have liked to have seen him at his home polishing his native artifacts or some such thing.

  29. I agree completely. Nighthorse was probably the most complex and interesting character in the show. They just swept him under the rug.

  30. Also enjoyed the serious so much and was so sad to see it end. I loved A Martinez character, Nighthorse and Lou Diamond Phillips character Henry. I really needed to know what happened to Nighthorse. ..but will have to search out the books I guess. We loved all 6 seasons immensely.

  31. The last season of Longmire was so absurd that I literally lol’d rolling on the floor while also throwing up a bit in my mouth and crying for stupidity of our species. I think they let whomever was in the copy room write the last season.

    1. I thought most of it was in keeping with the Longmire traditions of the past seasons. When it came time to conclude the story, however, I thought they took the short and easy way out.

  32. I hope that cady and Zach stay together as well as Vic and Walt and Ferguson and maggy I really hope another season comes out because does cady get the spot of sheriff and who phoned Walt I would like the answer to these questions in a new season 7

  33. Over six seasons, there was a literary quality far and above what’s usually on TV. There were spot-on song lyrics to fit the scenes. Virtually every major character was complex. When we found ourselves wanting to strangle our hero because of his blind hatred of Night Horse, my husband and I realized how cleverly we’d been turned around by the writers. Above all, the acting was amazing. If the plot didn’t always seem realistic, the characters always did. My husband is from northwestern Wyoming, and he is a major fan of the series. I have loved Lou Diamond Phillips dice “La Bamba” and “Stand and Deliver.” Henry was our favorite character — always a man of dignity and integrity. As for the sex scene, Vic was finally with the man she has loved throughout. Walt was finally fully involved (not like with the other two). It was a bit explicit, but not gratuitous.

  34. Thank you for a thoughtful article on the Longmire finale season. I’ve also enjoyed reading the many comments. Strangely, it is the only discussion online I can find, so I’m jumping in here with all of you.

    I too have been a fan of the entire series for several reasons, although never reading the books. I had great anticipation for the final season, and enjoyed it. Clearly the wrap up of the final episode got our attention. I agree with some here, and not so much with others…and have a different perspective I will share with you all to process into your assessments of the finale.

    I was blessed to work in the motion picture business for 2.5 decades. Although I didn’t work on Longmire, I am friends of a fellow who directed many of the episodes, and photographed a number of them, too. I live next door in Arizona and really wanted go over the Santa Fe during one of their seasons to visit him and watch him work, but it never worked out. I also became acquainted with Lou Diamond Philips when he came to visit a show that my friend and I were doing many years ago. So, I was predisposed to like Longmire from the get-go.

    I was a cinematographer and camera operator on many feature films and TV series you have all seen. It is a job that puts you in the middle of a peculiar “machine.” On one hand you are collaborating to help the director and actors tell their story, but also making the wheels turn to meet a demanding schedule every day. Episodic TV is particularly grueling for the actors and directors because the schedule doesn’t like to bend in response to the difficulties and emotions of drama. Scenes of high emotional drama need time in the schedule to give the actors and director the time to “find” the performance that communicates the right vibe. I get the feeling from watching the last episode that there was not enough time for them to find that vibe in the scene leading up to the love scene, nor the front porch scene the next morning. Each of those scenes needed a half-day to pull off. I don’t think they got it.

    As for the relationship between Walt and Vic, the company and actors are in a tight spot since they are playing characters from literature where readers have expectations. The reality is that over so many episodes, the actors will eventually create their version of the characters, and that may be very different from the originals in the books. Robert Taylor had to create the Walt he could sustain for years. I frankly loved watching him in the role. Like Virginia implies, love sometimes just finds a way. Sometimes the most passionate of relationships spring after two people go through a day to day existence for a long time…then suddenly something snaps and all hell breaks loose into a wonderful relationship. In such a relationship, each person may not have started out thinking the other was particularly attractive. But love sometimes still takes hold when two have been through a lot together. Robert is a crusty, rugged 50-something, and Katee a lovely younger woman playing a role of a young woman who didn’t come to work looking like a beauty queen. Neither actively flirted, although we all saw they cared for each other. We all had our hopes that something would develop on some level. Mine is not to judge whether Walt in his 50s, and Vic in her 30s should have a romance. But after all they’ve been through, I understand stranger things can happen. Why not wish them happiness is my approach.

    I think that the final Walt and Vic statement of relationship should have fallen into the category that sometimes less is more. I think the love scene was not needed. IMHO, the dialog from the scar exploration scene and the morning front porch scene could have been combined to create a scene that implied an emotional discovery between them; even a realization that mutual healing is waiting for them to embrace (pun intended) if they will just let it. We could have let Walt tell Cady in the following scene that he is to retire, with us understanding that he has reached his emotional epiphany that will permit him to take a step to move on with a new chapter in his life. We could end with Vic on the porch in uniform and Walt ready to depart on his treasure hunt ride. The trick to make the scene work is to imply that Walt and Vic are okay with letting something happen between them but with some uncertainty themselves what that is exactly. The performance from each actor must come from their faces and communicate that uncertainty, yet clearly see relief and hope in their faces for happiness together. It’s tougher to pull off than you might think.

    Instead of that, we kind of got the love letter farewell to all the fans. I’ll live with that. I still came away with a big smile. I would love to see them get their chance at a feature film or two.

  35. Is nobody going to mention how Vic can limp for several episodes from a minor sprained ankle while Walt and Branch can be up and about within hours of major injuries and surgery….expecially Walt climbing steps and walking uphill to the other sheriff’s home mere hours after his surgery? Totally unbelieveable at times!!!! But we are still fans of the show even if we did have to take a good bit of the writing with a grain of salt.

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