The Women of Taken

Taken the TV show is a prequel story to the Taken movies starring Liam Neeson. In the TV show, Clive Standen stars as a 30-years-younger version of the Bryan Mills character. I’ve been watching the publicity for the TV series, which starts Feb. 27 on NBC. Continue reading “The Women of Taken”

The Day Jennifer Beals Occupied the Internet

Wednesday was the premier of season 3 of The Night Shift on NBC. Jennifer Beals, who now has a recurring role in the show, was out doing press interviews for the new season. She was all over the place like umpteen Orphan Black clones in a wild The Night Shift press frenzy. For those watching on the internet, it was all Jennifer Beals, all day. Continue reading “The Day Jennifer Beals Occupied the Internet”

My Favorite Prospects for the New TV Season

I’m watching the news about new TV shows for the upcoming season. A few have caught my eye as hopeful prospects. These series have women in leading roles, or women I like in supporting roles. These are the shows I’ll watch for sure. There may be others that I’ll watch as well, but these are my favorites so far. Continue reading “My Favorite Prospects for the New TV Season”