Review: Season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale was originally a novel from prolific writer Margaret Atwood. I read it about 30 years ago when it came out, but my memory is sketchy. My sketchy memory left me free to watch the new television series The Handmaid’s Tale with fresh eyes. This is a review of season 1. Continue reading “Review: Season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale”

Watch This: Mankiller Trailer

Every time I got the chance to vote for a woman who should appear on a $20 bill, I voted for Wilma Mankiller. I tried.

Now there’s a documentary about her, titled Mankiller, beginning the rounds of festivals. I hope it will be available online soon.
Continue reading “Watch This: Mankiller Trailer”

Watch This: Trailer for Gypsy

Gypsy is a new Netflix original starring Naomi Watts as a therapist who is apparently more twisted and in need of help than her patients. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for Gypsy”

Review: I Love Dick

I Love Dick as a television series is highly unusual. As a work of art it is a dazzling meditation on love, sexuality, and feminine perspective. The series shows the imagery and iconography of the female gaze explored through sexual obsession and feminine desire. I Love Dick was created by Jill Soloway of Transparent. Continue reading “Review: I Love Dick”

Wonder Woman: When a Fictional Character is the Character We Need in Reality

Wonder Woman set records at the box office and is the topic of conversation everywhere. Critics loved it. Today I want to talk about just one thing. The personality and character of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman. Continue reading “Wonder Woman: When a Fictional Character is the Character We Need in Reality”

10 Things I Loved About Wonder Woman

Perhaps you are aware that I loved Wonder Woman. Let talk about why. I have reasons. Continue reading “10 Things I Loved About Wonder Woman”

Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)

Wonder Woman is awesome. Patty Jenkins, the director, did a masterful, awesome job. Gal Gadot was perfect and awesome. Chris Pine was above average awesome. Here’s my review: AWESOME! Continue reading “Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)”

Review: Summertime (La belle saison)

Summertime (La belle saison) is a French film about a lesbian romance set in the 1970s. In Paris women were fighting for equality and change, while in the countryside things remained as they had always been. There are spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Summertime (La belle saison)”