Exclusive: An Interview with Sarah Moshman, Director of Losing Sight of Shore

Sarah Moshman, award winning writer, director and creator of The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things is now directing a new documentary called Losing Sight of Shore.

Losing Sight of Shore tells the amazing and inspiring story of a group of women who row across the Pacific Ocean. Sarah answered my questions about the upcoming documentary.  Continue reading “Exclusive: An Interview with Sarah Moshman, Director of Losing Sight of Shore”

Losing Sight of Shore: 4 Women Row Across the Pacific – UPDATED

Losing Sight of Shore is a documentary about 4 (actually 6, but only 4 at a time) women who are rowing across the Pacific Ocean unsupported in a small boat called Doris. This team of women who call themselves The Coxless Crew are raising money for charity with their challenging effort. Director Sarah Moshman is creating a documentary about the amazing story. The journey started 9 months ago in the US. The women are about to reach the end point in Australia after stops in Hawaii and Samoa. Continue reading “Losing Sight of Shore: 4 Women Row Across the Pacific – UPDATED”

Review: Dear White People the TV series

Dear White People the series picks up where the movie ended. We go back to the black-face Halloween party and see it from several students’ perspectives. The technique of replaying important events from different characters’ points of view is used to great effect in the TV series. Continue reading “Review: Dear White People the TV series”

Review: Girlboss, Season One

Girlboss is a new Netflix original comedy series starring Britt Robertson as Sophia, an immature, over-emotional 23 year old slacker who finds her passion and develops an online fashion business. Continue reading “Review: Girlboss, Season One”

Mary Kills People, S1 E1 “Bloody Mary”

Canadian series Mary Kills People is now playing in the US on LifetimeTV on Sunday nights. This is a recap of the first episode of the 6 episode first season. Continue reading “Mary Kills People, S1 E1 “Bloody Mary””

Watch This: Trailer for The Beguiled

The only thing I remember about the first The Beguiled is that Clint Eastwood was in it. I wouldn’t even guarantee that memory. Now there’s a new The Beguiled directed by Sophia Coppola that promises to be a more female version of the story. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for The Beguiled”

Review: Ithaca, from first time director Meg Ryan

Ithaca is one of those women’s movies I’m always looking for. With Meg Ryan stepping up to her first ever directing role and several important positions behind the scenes filled by women, I had to watch it. Continue reading “Review: Ithaca, from first time director Meg Ryan”

Watch This: Trailer for Their Finest

Their Finest is a female driven story about a World War II script writer. Gemma Arterton plays copywriter Catrin Cole, who lands a job writing women’s dialogue for war films at a British ministry. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for Their Finest”