Watch This: Trailer for S3 of The Night Shift, now with Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals joins the cast of The Night Shift for season 3. This ER centered drama has never been on my radar before, but I’ll take a look because of Jennifer Beals. The previews in the trailer look good, and jumping into season 3 shouldn’t be a problem. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for S3 of The Night Shift, now with Jennifer Beals”


Wynonna Earp: Thoughts on the First Episode

Wyonna Earp is off to a demon hunting start on SyFy. First let’s talk about some of the familiar, known and loved characteristics of this series. You get a kickass but reluctant heroine Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) who resembles all your favorite such heroines. Think Buffy, Bo Dennis and Jessica Jones. You gotta love Wynonna already. Continue reading “Wynonna Earp: Thoughts on the First Episode”

Watch The Faith Diaries from UnREAL

The Lifetime series UnREAL created a brief web-only spinoff series called The Faith Diaries about the character Faith from the Bachelor-like dating competition show on UnREAL. The series of 10 short videos show Faith (Breeda Wool) and her best friend / girlfriend Amy (Malea Mitchell) as they arrive in Los Angeles. Continue reading “Watch The Faith Diaries from UnREAL”