Review: 1000 Rupee Note (Ek Hazarachi Note)

1000 Rupee Note (Ek Hazarachi Note in Marathi) is an Indian film about poverty, wealth, and the corruption of power. Beware the spoilers.

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Watch This: Trailer for Girls Lost

Girls Lost is a Swedish production. The title in Swedish is Pojkarna. It’s a story about coming of age, gender identity, gender roles, and friendship. Alexandra-Therese Keining wrote and directed the film, based on a YA novel by Jessica Schiefauer. Keining described the film as a “modern fairy tale.” Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for Girls Lost”

Review: The Lobster

The Lobster is a strange dystopian look at a future where the social contract requires people to be coupled up. If they are not, they are relegated to an outsider’s existence as loners who can be hunted down for rewards. Beware the spoilers. Continue reading “Review: The Lobster”

Watch This: Trailer for The Last Word

Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried star in The Last Word. It’s a part Shirley MacLaine has played several times before – the curmudgeonly control freak that no one can stand. But the foil for her excesses in the past has always been some hapless young man. Now she’s up against Amanda Seyfried. It should make things pop. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for The Last Word”

Director Patty Jenkins Talks about Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins directed Monster in 2003. A big hit. After that success, she should have gotten an opportunity to direct another top movie. Instead, she had a few gigs directing TV shows. She’s a prime example of what’s wrong with the sexist situation for women directors in Hollywood. Continue reading “Director Patty Jenkins Talks about Wonder Woman”

Watch This: Trailer for A New Color The Art of Being Edythe Boone

A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone is a documentary about Edythe Boone. She’s an artist, an educator, and a great-grandmother who has believed all her life in transformative power of art. The documentary is currently making the rounds of film festivals and is in need of distribution. (Hint, hint.) Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for A New Color The Art of Being Edythe Boone”

Review: War Bride

War Bride is a 2001 release. It’s available on Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube. It’s a bit of WWII Canadian history with a great cast. Continue reading “Review: War Bride”

Review: Sicario

In the last 3 days, I watched two films directed by Denis Villeneuve. Both have a female protagonist. Both are excellent. The two are very different stories, but are alike because the female actor gives an outstanding performance. In this post I’ll review Sicario starring Emily Blunt. The other Villeneuve film I recently reviewed is Arrival. There are spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Sicario”

Review: The Intervention

The Intervention features 4 couples in various stages of coming together or falling apart. They gather for a weekend with a crackpot plan to stage an intervention in the marriage of one of the couples. Continue reading “Review: The Intervention”

News about Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special

The air dates in the UK for the 2 part Christmas special of Last Tango in Halifax on BBC One are December 19 and 20 at 9 PM. There is no announcement yet about when PBS or Netflix will bring it to the U.S. Continue reading “News about Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special”