Review: Thirty Nine, bring tissues to this K-drama

Thirty Nine is a K-drama on Netflix. It’s about three women who are lifelong friends. When one of them is ill, the series looks at how everyone copes.

Review: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, K-drama with heart

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha brings a mostly heartwarming series from South Korea to Netflix. It’s the story of a dentist who moves to a small town on the coast and finds a new family there.

My Holo Love is a K-Drama with holograms

My Holo Love is part high tech thriller, part love story, and part psychological exploration. This 12 part series from Korea is streaming on Netflix.

Let’s Talk about South Korean Cinema, or K-drama

Have you heard of K-drama? I had not. Since starting this blog I’ve made a Twitter friend of Angela Thompson, who lives in the UK. She frequently sends me tips for programs that she knows I’ll like. And she’s usually right. We exchange ideas on what to watch. Angela loves K-drama.

My Name: a South Korean revenge thriller

My Name brings bloody action and retribution in a revenge thriller starring a terrific Han So-hee. If you like the women kicking butt genre, this show will be right up your alley. The original title was Undercover, which makes a lot more sense. It’s a Netflix series.

Mine: family, wealth, and murder from Korea

Mine, streaming on Netflix, is a soapy K-drama about a wealthy extended family. In 18 hour-long episodes, the series looks at parenthood, family, wealth, privilege, and loneliness. There are many characters, but the women in the story are the triumphant ones in the end.