Annika, season 2, with more surprises

Nicola Walker in Annika

Annika left us with a cliffhanger at the end of season 1 that is resolved in the most unexpected way in season 2. The new season then winds its way to another huge cliffhanger, again involving Annika’s personal life and relationships.

Annika hasn’t released any information about a third season, but with cliffhangers like these, there had better be one!

Jamie Sives and Nicola Walker in Annika
I’ve got news for you, Michael.

Let’s start with a spoiler for the cliffhanger at the end of season 1. Annika (Nicola Walker) reveals to the camera (the viewers) that her co-worker Michael (Jamie Sives) is the father of her teenage daughter, Morgan (Silvie Furneaux). Only those of us at home know this. Michael doesn’t know. Morgan doesn’t know.

Annika tells Michael in front of a microphone at a comedy club for all the world to hear. There’s speculation that Annika might be on the autism spectrum and this tone deaf bombshell she delivers without emotion is a big clue.

Michael and his wife have time to process this news before Morgan figures it out for herself later in the season.

Silvie Furneaux in Annika
Surprise, Morgan!

The team

The police officers change a bit this season.

Katie Leung and Ukweli Roach in Annika

Tyrone (Ukweli Roach) wants to be the head of a team like Annika and is making moves to find another job. Blair (Katie Leung) is pregnant but makes it through all 6 episodes. When Blair goes into labor in episode 6, Annika’s unemotional response is another clue to how she might be somewhere on the autism spectrum.

They all have a new boss, DCi Diane Oban (Kate Dickie).

Varada Sethu in Annika

Harper (Varada Sethu) joins the team. She rides a motorcycle everywhere and is extra smart.

With 6 episodes and 6 crimes, Annika reflects on everything from Jekyll and Hyde to Prometheus with her literary asides to the camera.

Annika’s father, Magnus (Sven Henriksen), appears. He wants to reconcile with Annika and get to know Morgan. There is something else going on with him that we don’t learn about immediately.

Paul McGann and Nicola Walker in Annika

Annika and Morgan’s former therapist Jake (Paul McGann) are back at it. Even though he’s no longer anyone’s official therapist, he can’t help “just talking” with people and having a helpful influence on them.

Despite the murder drenched episodes the homicide unit deals with, this series continues to be clever and charming. It all comes down to the brilliant way Nicola Walker confides to the camera lens and mugs for the folks at home when no one else is looking. The literary references are spot on. I love how quirky and different Annika is, how imperfect she is. I’m convinced that Nicola Walker never makes a misstep when acting. She 100% makes this series shine.

Annie Griffin directed 3 of the 6 episodes in season 2. You can see the series on PBS Masterpiece. If you watched season 2, I’d love to hear your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Annika, season 2, with more surprises”

  1. The bone dry humor had me pausing the show so I could recover from laughter. I’m not seeing the “spectrum” thing though. Wouldn’t her therapist/boy friend have identified that? I hope there is a season 3.

  2. christopher swaby

    i enjoyed season one and am enjoying season two more. i like Ms. Walker almost as much as you do. what i like best about her in this role is that she brings some humor to it which is generally not an aspect of her performances. it may well be unintended humor (from Annika’s perspective) – i dont see her character as much autistic as i do emotionally traumatized by her upbringing – but its humor nonetheless. the supporting characters have more fleshed out lives than is typical in law enforcement procedurals. the English (British?) really do a great job with these series. here’s hoping for a season 3.

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