Review: Never Have I Ever, season 2

Never Have I Ever, season 2, was better than season 1, in my opinion. This coming of age tale from Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher took the high school kids we got to know before and ran them through some funny but enlightening experiences. The series is streaming on Netflix.

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Review: Gunpowder Milkshake

Gunpowder Milkshake is like a hundred other films you’ve seen where dozens of men get killed in dozens of creative ways by only a few heroic characters. This film fits that genre. With one exception. The heroic characters are women. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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Ingrid Goes West, and just a little bit crazy

Ingrid Goes West is a parable on the dangers of social media obsession. It’s about believing what you see on Instagram, believing that followers equal love, and wanting to be near your social media favorites. It’s streaming on Hulu.

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Virgin River, season 3, and we’re all in love

Virgin River was so romance oriented in season 3, it could almost make you diabetic. There was drama built in, but every story line was deeply involved with love. This was my least favorite season of the Netflix drama, simply because it felt so emotionally manipulative that you had to cry buckets to get through it.

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Review: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is the funniest, most outlandish comedy you could ever want to see. After weeks on streamers that want extra dough to see it, you can now watch it on Hulu with your subscription price.

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Review: Biohackers, season 2

Biohackers, season 2, moves away from the science explored in season 1 and heads for suspense and thrills. This German series remains excellent and is fascinating to watch. It’s steaming on Netflix.

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French Exit, surreal and bizarre

French Exit is a surreal and odd film about strange and bizarre people. It stars Michelle Pfeiffer, which is reason enough to watch it. However, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before and may not strike you as wonderful. It’s streaming on Prime and in several other places.

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Beast, with a breathtaking performance from Jessie Buckley

Beast examines the hidden bestiality in the human psyche. This grim story stars a brilliant Jessie Buckley in a role that won her awards. Director Michael Pearce also won awards for this film. It’s streaming on Prime Video.

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To the Bone looks at eating disorders

To the Bone is a journey through the lives of several young people with eating disorders. It’s hard and tough, but ends on a note of hope. The film was written and directed by Marti Noxon and stars Lily Collins. Both these women have revealed their own struggles with eating disorders. You can see the film on Netflix.

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Sisters (Sorelle) brings family mystery from Italy

Sisters (Sorelle) is a haunting family drama series from Italy. It’s a story about the mysterious murder of the single mother of three and the people she left behind. It’s set in the picturesque Italian town of Matera, which is a character in the story, too. You can see this series on Acorn TV.

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