Brain Dump: Pop Culture Three-Pack

Rita Moreno

My premise about pop culture for this blog is that it matters. What we see becomes what we think and what we know as a society. In that light, I wanted to share a few general items that I found interesting in the last week.

Rita Moreno and Gina Rodriguez Share the Love

Netflix put this wonderful letter from Rita Moreno on Twitter. Since #Eldersrock and #GinaRocks I thought it was a good item to share here. Nobody sets out to be a legend, but a lifetime of outstanding work can make you one, whether you aspired to that or not.

A Star is Born

This is a rather long look at every version of A Star is Born. The only one I’ve seen so far is the Barbra Streisand version. I’m looking forward to the new one. This video doesn’t look at every aspect of the ever-popular story, especially from a feminist perspective, but it was interesting anyway.

Power of Women

Natalie Portman, Lena Waithe, Emma González, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina King

Variety put out a Power of Women article that is worth a read and some consideration. The women involved are Natalie Portman, Lena Waithe, Emma González, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina King.

Just think about it. The powerful women Variety chose to mention are 3 women of color, a high school student, and one white woman. Who is doing the work of moving society forward? Women like these. Big points to Variety for this feature and cover shoot.

As Lena Waithe said, “The powerful are not just white straight men anymore,” she says. “They are a black tattooed gay girl from South Chicago.”

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