Brain Dump: The Connors, Supergirl, Murphy Brown

Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist in Supergirl

What’s new on the tube? I’ve been trying out some new shows and some old favorites. Here are a few thoughts on some of those shows. I’ll discuss The Connors, Supergirl, and Murphy Brown.

The Connors

John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Alicia Goranson, and Laurie Metcalf in The Conners

The Connors spent their first episode grieving over their lost mom. The best part of the opening episode of this Roseanne replacement was that Roseanne was responsible for her own demise. In the show, she took an overdose of opioids. A fitting choice.

The other thing that was very noticeable was the fact that John Goodman lost a lot of weight. I hope that he wanted to do that and isn’t sick.


Nicole Maines at an event for Supergirl

Big kudos to Supergirl for adding a transgender superhero to the cast. Nicole Maines, a transgender woman, plays Nia Nal. She didn’t get to do much in the first episode except be a ditz and show her amazing chemistry with Melissa Benoist, but it was enough to bring her into the storyline. She’ll be a new reporter at CatCo.

Chyler Leigh is really rocking the in-case-you-didn’t-know-I’m-a-lesbian hairdo.

Murphy Brown

Candice Bergen, Faith Ford, Joe Regalbuto, and Grant Shaud in Murphy Brown

The new Murphy Brown is just like the old Murphy Brown. Still the loud laugh track, actors still emoting for the folks in the cheap seats, and still a strong political point of view. I thought it was mostly funny, but would appreciate a more subtle approach instead of being quite so over the top.

Still, it’s lovely to see Candice Bergen and Tyne Daly in action. This whole band of #EldersRock so much!

What have you been watching lately? Have any comments on these or other current TV shows?

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