Ella Rosenblatt at age 2 with her dad Jay

How Do You Measure a Year? short doc about growing up

How Do You Measure a Year? from director and father Jay Rosenblatt captures 16 years of growth in a short documentary. Rosenblatt interviewed his daughter Ella every year on her birthday. This film is the result.

Adriana Barraza and Kaarlo Isaac in Where the Tracks End

Where the Tracks End (El Último Vagón), get schooled in Mexico

Where the Tracks End (El Último Vagón) tells a heartwarming story from Mexico about education, family, and the value of a good book. It stars Adriana Barraza as a teacher in an impoverished Mexican village near a railroad line being built.

Jesse Garcia in Flamin' Hot

Flamin’ Hot, it’s okay to simply enjoy it

Flamin’ Hot has mixed reviews. It’s great or it’s terrible. It’s the truth or it’s a lie. Honestly, I had mixed feelings about it, too. But as the first film directed by Eva Longoria, I thought it was important to take a look for myself.

Marie Richardson in Food and Romance

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), love in Sweden

Food and Romance (Tisdagsklubben), from Sweden, provides a charming #EldersRock story about love, marriage, children, and food. The Swedish title translates to The Tuesday Club, and in some locales the film uses that title.

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