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Carlos Santos, Karrie Martin, and J.J. Soria in Gentefied

Gentefied, season 2, the quest for a green card

Gentefied, season 2, takes the extended Morales family from Boyle Heights on a season long journey to get the family patriarch Casimiro, or Pop, Morales (Joaquín Cosío) a green card and keep him from being deported to Mexico.

María Valverde in Fever Dream

Fever Dream (Distancia de rescate), languid horror

Fever Dream ( Distancia de rescate) arrived on Netflix just in time for the Halloween horror season. This South American film is a slow-moving, surreal, horror story about motherhood and environmental destruction. There are some spoilers ahead.

Zaira Romero and Rosy Rodríguez in Carmen and Lola

Carmen and Lola, Roma romance from Spain

Carmen and Lola (Carmen y Lola) is a Spanish language story of two young Roma women who fall in love. It’s the first film of this kind. Arantxa Echevarría wrote and directed this tale of lesbian love amid traditional patriarchal values. I found the film on HBO Max.

Tess Romero in Diary of a Future President

Diary of a Future President, season 2, wholesome and inclusive

Diary of a Future President, season 2, streaming on Disney+ is cheerful and wholesome. It tells the story of a Cuban-American girl in middle school who grows up to be President of the United States.

when they left beekeepers

When They Left (Cuando Ellos Se Fueron)

When They Left (Cuando Ellos Se Fueron) is a documentary from Ecuador about a mountain hamlet where no one is left but some elderly widows. The film is available from the website as a DVD, but I don’t see it available on any streamers yet. It’s worth buying or keeping an eye out for it.

Bárbara Lennie in María (and Everybody Else)

Maria (and Everybody Else) brings comedy from Spain

Maria (and Everybody Else) ( María (y los demás)) is an energetic comedy of errors from Spain. The film was directed by Nely Reguera and stars Bárbara Lennie as the Maria everything swirls around. You can see this 2016 release on Prime Video for a small rental.

Belén Cuesta, Anna Castillo, Macarena García, and Gracia Olayo in Holy Camp

Holy Camp (La llamada), musical comedy from Spain

Holy Camp (La llamada) is a comedy set to music in a Catholic summer camp for teens. It was a popular stage production before it was made into a movie. Much of the same cast were in the stage show. This Spanish language musical is streaming on Netflix.

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