Damsel review, kindness is everything

Millie Bobby Brown in Damsel

Damsel was disappointing to me. I love an ass kicking heroine more than anything, but reached the end of this film not feeling very enthusiastic about it. However, I think young girls looking for a worthy role model who’s smart and tough will like it. The ultimate message of the film is about kindness rather than violence and I definitely like that theme.

Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie in Damsel. She’s a princess in a dying kingdom in the frigid north. She has a younger sister named Floria (Brooke Carter) she would do anything for. Her father, Lord Bayford (Ray Winstone), and her stepmother Lady Bayford (Angela Bassett) find her a prince to marry. They claim the marriage to the rich prince will save their kingdom from starvation and ruin. So she agrees to do it.

They sail to the island kingdom where lush crops grow and gold and jewels are everywhere. Elodie meets Prince Henry (Nick Robinson), who will be her new husband. Elodie and Henry have a few hours to get to know each other and might actually be a decent match.

The Prince’s mother, Queen Isabelle (Robin Wright), isn’t very friendly. Right after the wedding ceremony she takes Elodie up to the top of a mountain for a special ceremony. That ceremony is for her to slice into both the Prince and Elodie’s palms and mingle their blood. Once she has royal blood in her, Elodie is thrown into a deep pit in the mountain.

A dragon lives in that pit and demands blood sacrifices. It seems the king and his men destroyed her last three eggs and she’s taking revenge. It has to be a daughter with royal blood.

This has happened before. The caves and tunnels in the mountainous dragon’s lair are full of people who didn’t make it out. But they left some helpful hints behind.

Millie Bobby Brown looking fierce on the poster for Damsel

The dragon is voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo. If you’re going to have a talking, fire-breathing dragon, give it a terrific voice! That’s a philosophy I agree with.

Elodie encounters SO MANY dangers in the dragon’s lair. She has some help, pulls some MacGyver style clever tricks, saves people, loses people, and has an ultimate showdown with the dragon. Her heroics are her own and she does her own rescue. Badass!

Damsel claims not to be a fairy tale. But it does start with a once upon a time situation and end with a they all lived happily ever after kind of finish. In between those two points, Elodie had to perform numerous tasks to earn her safety. But I won’t call it a fairy tale if you won’t.

This action fantasy can be found on Netflix. If you watch it, let me know if you thought it was better than I did.

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