Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos), season 2

Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto in Daughter from Another Mother

Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos) is back for season 2 on Netflix with its bright, comedic take on babies switched at birth and strained parenthood and relationships. There are a couple of spoilers ahead.

Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos) stars moms Mariana (Paulina Goto) and Ana (Ludwika Paleta) as they try to share the two babies they both love.

Season 1 ended with the two moms kissing in a cliffhanger that suggested there might be something building between them. However, most of season 2 was devoted to them working on adult relationships with husbands and boyfriends. Then they pulled the same stunt at the very end of season 2 with a staged kiss between them that seemed more sincere than it needed to be to make a point.

Let me explain how they got there.

Ludwika Paleta in Daughter from Another Mother

Ana and her husband Juan Carlos (Martín Altomaro) are feuding over his infidelity with Mariana’s mother, Teresa (Liz Gallardo). Ana kicks him out of the house. Later they both hire divorce lawyers, which really complicates the plot in bad ways.

Paulina Goto in Daughter from Another Mother

Mariana still shared an apartment with her baby’s father Pablo (Javier Ponce) and Elena (Oka Giner). Elena and Mariana are no longer in a relationship. They are just roommates now. Pablo is determined to be a good dad. They are all broke and searching for jobs.

Pablo gets a job and works on the app he and Mariana made as well as a video game of his own design. Ana buys an interest in the app and gives a job to Mariana to develop it further. They all end up sharing a co-work space owned by the very sexy Ferrán (Tiago Correa).

Mariana and Ferrán fall for each other. Pablo gets jealous of this guy being around his baby. Meanwhile Pablo is maybe, kinda, dating Cynthia (Elena del Río).

Pablo’s worries over Ferrán soon have him sharing Juan Carlo’s shark lawyer in a struggle over who gets the baby when. To fight back, Mariana uses the barracuda lawyer that Ana hired. Everyone is lawyered up, no one can resolve any of the conflicts. The situation is terrible.

The lesbian kiss at the end is supposed to fix all this legal wrangling. You’ll see how if you watch it.

Teresa has a big plot arc with her beauty shop and successful line of face creams. She starts dating Juan Carlo’s brother. Ana’s 18 year old daughter Ceci (Dalexa) has a big plot arc, too. There are plenty of things going on in these two families to keep things moving.

Overall the series is cheerful, comedic, melodramatic fun. The actors are wonderful. Even the babies do well in front of a camera.

Sorry, the trailer I found doesn’t have subtitles. Netflix does.

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  1. Thanks for this recap, I watched and loved the first season, but by the time the second season came around I forgot most of the plot points and watched The Lost Daughter. The first season on Netflix is great, and has
    English subtitles. Also, if you are learning Spanish this is a good way to watch, listen, and rewind if necessary. It’s Spanish as spoken in Mexico.

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