Harry Wild, season 3 review, more of a good thing

Jane Seymour and Rohan Nedd in Harry Wild

Harry Wild, season 3, continues the journey of our newly minted private investigators Harry Wild (Jane Seymour) and Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd) as they work their way through more new crimes. Things changed up a little in this season, but mainly they stick to their successful formula for telling this story.

As in past seasons, the format of this cozy mystery series is a crime an episode, which Harry and Fergus solve before Harry’s son Charlie (Kevin Ryan), the police officer, and the real police can figure it out.

Mixed in with the crime of the week, there are ongoing storylines. Fergus’s mother (Samantha Mumba) comes to terms with the family. The owner of the local pub, Glenn (Paul Tylak), finds a girlfriend and has some plans for their future.

A change in season 3 is that there is no regular man in Harry’s bed. Instead she carries on a season-long love/hate flirtation with a fellow investigator, Harry Benedict (Lochlann O’Mearáin). He never makes it into her bedroom, but there are signs there might be two Harrys together in the future. Season 4 is already confirmed, so that will be fun to watch for.

Another slight change in season 3 is less emphasis on the literary connections in every case. It’s still there but less important and less central to solving things.

Paul Tylak, Rose O'Neill, and Amy Huberman in Harry Wild
Harry’s whole family

The crimes this season involve such things as someone murdered in a locked panic room with no murder weapons, a head where a roasted pig should be with no body to be found, and a perilous episode where Harry’s whole family is in jeopardy from a mad dad who wrapped himself in a bomb. Charlie, his daughter Lola (Rose O’Neill), and his wife Orla (Amy Huberman) are held hostage by the mad bomber.

Changes aside, it’s the same cheerful, charming, clever and wholesome mystery series it has been from the start. It’s light and bright as a good cozy should be. It’s all on Acorn TV. If you haven’t seen past seasons, they are available there, too.

2 thoughts on “Harry Wild, season 3 review, more of a good thing”

  1. christopher swaby

    i think this show is getting better with each season because we are seeing the characters grow. the relationships are deepening. and the humor remains. i am looking forward to season 4.

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