Jennifer Beals Stars in A Wife’s Nightmare

Jennifer Beals in A Wife's Nightmare

Does this sound like a Lifetime movie?

Inspired by a true story. When a mysterious teenage girl shows up on their doorstep claiming to be her husband’s long lost daughter, Liz Michaels welcomes her into their home – but when Liz starts to feel pushed out of her own family, she begins to question the girl’s true motives and doubt her own sanity.

Yeah. Definitely a Lifetime movie. Mild spoilers ahead.

But there’s a twist, and it’s a big one. This movie stars Jennifer Beals. A Wife’s Nightmare is the title to look for.

A Wife’s Nightmare gave us Jennifer Beals as Liz, a wife who is unsure, compliant, nervous, and worried. She’s just returned home after a mental breakdown. The arrival of a young woman claiming to be her husband’s daughter makes her question her own mind and thoughts. The gaslighting part of the story was a new acting challenge for Jennifer Beals and she did it very well.

I was happy she found her way to some backbone by the end of the story, however. Jennifer Beals is always a pleasure to watch. The ending was most satisfying.

I’d watch Jennifer Beals in almost anything, so I wouldn’t miss this one. The last Lifetime movie I watched – Big Driver – was very good, too. Lifetime is on a roll.

Jennifer Beals in A Wife's Nightmare
Jennifer Beals in A Wife’s Nightmare

The young daughter is played by Lola Tash. The husband, Gabe, is played by Dylan Neal.

A Wife's Nightmare poster

The Trailer

Here’s a promo for the movie.

The film is part of a series, all filmed in Kelowna, British Columbia. The other films in the series are A Mother’s Nightmare, A Sister’s Nightmare and A Daughter’s Nightmare.

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  2. I really liked Jennifer in the movie A Wife’s Nightmare but especially loved her in the movie “Flashdance”.

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