Lost Girl: S5 E10 Like Father, Like Daughter

Ksenia Solo in Lost Girl

Lost Girl charges ahead with episode 10, “Like Father, Like Daughter.”  Kenzi is BACK! But only for this episode. A whole lot of things happen with no explanation and we don’t get any details about why. In short, things are pretty normal on Lost Girl.

Many hundreds of spoilers ahead.

Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) are on a stake out, waiting for Zee (Amanda Walsh). Bo thinks she gave her chi to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) after the truck incident. Dyson points out that she needed to do a whole room-sized chi suck to save him. She thinks maybe she’s stronger because her dad is around. He thinks maybe it’s her love for Lauren. Both are absolutely wrong.

Lauren calls Bo and suggests that maybe that whole chi-suck thing was weird, but Bo doesn’t agree. Why haven’t they talked about this already? Like right after it happened?

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi

A long, long, long, stretch limo drives up. Out step some awesome legs in some awesome shoes. Completing all that awesome is Kenzi (Ksenia Solo).

When Kenzi and Bo share a big hug at the clubhouse, Kenzi says she returned from Spain to warn Bo about something.

Lauren and Hades in the clinic

From his cell in the clinic, Hades (Eric Roberts) tries to convince Lauren that she needs guidance with her new powers. He wants to examine her. She says no, but later there is a hint that maybe she does agree to an exam.

Kenzi brought Hale’s grandfather with her. He is Heathcliff Santiago, (Julian D. Christopher) a siren like Hale. They tell Bo and Trick about a painting called “The Vanishing” that holds the key to the ancients’ disappearance. If they can get this painting, they can use it and the proper siren song to send Zee back where she came from.

Paul Amos as Vex as Lauren raises his arm

Vex (Paul Amos) is in the clinic, claiming his mesmer powers are a problem. (He’s really there because wants to know how Mark (Luke Bilyk) is doing.) When Lauren touches Vex, she mesmers the patient in the next bed, making him flop his poor broken limbs around hilariously. Oh, oh. Succubus and mesmer, too?

Alycia, Mark and Dyson talk at the gym

Alycia (Lisa Marcos) is still hanging around the gym. She’s decided Dyson believes in the paranormal. He goes along with this and tells Mark to keep and eye on her and be careful what he says.

Bo and Kenzi look at art

Bo and Kenzi Investigations are off in search of the painting. They visit an art gallery. For the scenes shot there, all the art in the gallery was made by the Lost Girl art department. This one looks like they had a good time with their dress mannequins.

Don't touch Suri!

Bo talks to Suri (Oluniké Adeliyi) at the museum and tries to touch her to use her succubus charms, but Suri is a germophobe. No touching. Her loss. Anyway, Bo eventually finds out where the painting is with brilliant investigative techniques. (I made that up. We have no idea how Bo figures out where the painting is, she just does. Accept it.)

Kenzi pretends to be a museum docent

Kenzi throws on a pair of glasses and attempts to lead a tour of the museum. She pushes someone into a painting and confirms that the paintings are protected by alarms triggered by laser beams. This is important to know because Anna Silk wants to pay homage to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Bo enters a dark room

One of the most gorgeous shots ever on Lost Girl takes us into the laser filled room where Bo, à la Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment, will retrieve the painting.

Bo evades laser lights

Bo works her way through the laser beams. The little action snippet below  was posted on Twitter.

When Bo is past all the laser lights, she spies a bird that becomes Persephone (Hannah Anderson). (Hitherto unknown fact: Persephone is associated with doves.) Yeah, Persephone wasn’t in the room when Bo entered, but she’s there now.

When Bo let Hades out of Tarterus, she also let out Persephone. Persephone’s job is to find the painting for Hades. She really should be Bo’s prisoner. Bo assures her that she doesn’t take prisoners and Persephone is surprised to find that she’s free. She tells Bo that the painting contains the first song.

Lauren and Hades talk

Lauren and Hades (Oh, by the way, we’re calling Hades Jack now. You’ve been told.) talk about her new powers. He says she’s a conduit for whatever type of Fae she touches. He says she has the key to ultimate power. She’s worried about side effects and unknown dangers. All she really wanted was to increase her life span so she could be with Bo forever.

Mark, who is still an idiot, is in so much psychic pain about Iris that he tells Alycia about the whole Fae thing because she is in pain about dear Kevin, her husband.

When Dyson gets back to the gym she confronts him.

Alycia sees her husband in a coma

Dyson takes Alycia to the clinic to see what is left of Kevin (Noam Jenkins) what with Hera and who knows what else inside his manly form.

The painting with licorice music staff

Trick (Rick Howland), Bo, and Kenzi study the painting that Bo somehow got past all the laser beams. She’s that good.

The painting is a sort of last supper starring the ancients. Bo, who knows nothing about music, stretches some licorice sticks across it like a music staff. Kenzi, who learned how to read music in Spain from Nate, hums a tune based on this display. Lovely as it is to hear Kenzi hum, the melody must come from a siren.

Take me to your mother

If you want to get rid of Zee, you have to find her. So you somehow find Persephone again and make her take you to Zee.

Zee sees her daughter

Persephone calls Zee to her with a dove. Zee sees her daughter – all grown up after so many years underground. They hug and Persephone warns her that it’s a trap. Enter Bo with the painting. With her are Kenzi, Lauren and Heathcliff. Before Heathcliff can sing his siren song, Zee zaps his vocal cords with a lightning bolt.

Lauren sings the siren song to Zee

No problemo. Lauren touches Heathcliff and sirens Zee into vanishing.

Bo finally notices that something what-the-fae is going on with Lauren. Yes, indeed, they do need to talk.

Dyson and Alycia at the Dal

Trick wants Dyson to get Alycia’s memory wiped, but Dyson claims her instead. Dyson, who thought he had no one, now has an idiot son and a claimed human.

Lauren holds Vex's hand

Using Vex, Lauren does a demo of her conduit powers for Bo. She explains what is going on and says she’s feeling perfectly fine. She’s been examined. (By whom, we wonder?) Vex points out that when she uses his powers, it weakens him. And he also wants to know what is going to happen when Evony hears about Lauren’s special science project.

Bo tells Lauren she loves her for who she is as a person. They hug, but Bo looks worried.

Kenzi looks serious

Kenzi is leaving again, at Bo’s insistence. Bo says Jack is dangerous. Kenzi asks why Bo didn’t use the siren song to get rid of Jack instead of Zee? Bo doesn’t have a good answer, except that she wants to keep him around a while. When they hug goodbye Bo tells Kenzi it helped having her around, even for a little bit. My thoughts, too, Kenzi.

Zee and Jack and the painting

Zee, who was supposed to be vanished, talks to Jack at the clinic. They look at the painting, which he has in his cell. Yep, Jack has the painting. Why, you ask? Please, do not ask why because no one knows.

Jack calls Zee brother and tells her to stay away from his daughter. He says that there is no point in trying to resist because “it has begun.”

The painting under the fake

When Zee leaves, Jack rips a fake painting off the top of the real painting. It’s a familiar looking winged horse. Guess fake paintings don’t make you vanish, fake paintings only fake vanishing. Or something.

This episode was written by Alexandra Zarowny and directed by Paolo Barzman.

Some Thoughts

This episode boasted so many huge leaps in logic and omission of significant details, it tested my willing suspension of disbelief to the limit. Why? Why? Why? How? How? How?

We don’t know. We don’t know. We don’t know.

Lovely having Ksenia Solo back. The expensive clothes, the designer bag, the gorgeous jewelry. Our street urchin has grown up and changed into a self-confident and beautiful woman. She can still crack a joke, however. Jack called that “her gift” like he knew all about her. Shit, he probably does.

The laser scene was fun. Like Anna Silk, I love Entrapment. I’ve watched it numerous times. I confess it is because of the laser scene that I keep rewatching it. I wonder how many Anna Silk fans are busy watching Entrapment for the first time?

I loved what the art department did with the art in the gallery. I especially loved the rain boot with the 7 deadly sins written on it. And I want to know if that yellow and blue painting Kenzi pushed the lady into really had ABBA lyrics written on it.

Oluniké Adeliyi, who played Suri, stole her scene completely. She’s quite gorgeous. She has an extensive resume on IMDB, but none of her previous work is anything I’ve watched. Well, I’ve noticed her now and I’ll bet you have, too. I’ll be looking for her elsewhere.

Oh, my god, what was Amanda Walsh wearing in this episode? Some sort of bathrobe? Beyond awful. Bring back the red dress.

Bo and Lauren are together. As what, best friends? All they do is hug.

That damn winged horse is back. Nothing ever really goes away on Lost Girl does it?

5 thoughts on “Lost Girl: S5 E10 Like Father, Like Daughter”

  1. I believe it was actually Nate who taught Kenzi how to read music. And I’m sure Hades (Jack) was the one who sent ruffians to Kenzi’s place just to lure her back to town. It was too obvious that they wanted something that has to do with Bo & he knew she’d come running to warn Bo all about it.

      1. I was so thinking about you all the way through, hoping for your sake that Emmanuelle would show up. Because of what Lauren’s situation is, she really MUST show up soon and claim the reverse serum.

  2. Kenzi was all wrong in this episode. She did a full 180. She always had a strong view style wise and they make her feel like a poser. It would have been possible to have her looking more grown up and not turn her into a boho chick. She looked like she used Herr wardrobe from her character on orphan black. Kesenia looks best with bangs and dark hair. It felt disingenuous that she would completely reinvent herself.

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