Lost Girl S5 E3: Big in Japan

Anna Silk in Lost Girl

“Big in Japan” is episode 3 of season 5 of Lost Girl. Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) is taking Kenzi’s (Ksenia Solo) place as Bo’s (Anna Silk) bestie. It had to happen that way, but, dang, I miss Kenzi.

I’ll recap the episode in pictures. Many spoilers ahead.

Bo attempts to kiss Dyson but can't

Bo is redecorating. Painting, hanging drapes. Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) helps – shirtless, of course – and Bo discovers she has no interest in sex. Our favorite succubus is blocked!

Lauren and Dyson look at a dead Fae woman

All the people in the elevator died. Three had Fae DNA, including this one (Amanda Walsh). The other two were a family man and a bike courier. Dyson worries that Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is in danger because she turned The Morrigan human. Lauren admits to death threats.

A web page about losing sex drive

Bo tries to figure out why she has no sex drive. Tamsin interrupts and suggests they go out.

A man in a car

Musashi (Scott Yamamura) from the Dal’s Karaoke night picks up Bo and Tamsin. Bo only agrees to go after she realizes that having Tamsin inches from her face incites not a single urge.

Lauren armed with a broom

Lauren is frightened by things that go bump in the night. But she’s armed and well toned.

Bo tries to feed off Tamsin

Bo wakes up, hungover, with Tamsin in her bed. (They didn’t) Bo tries to feed off a willing Tamsin, but can’t. Still no sex drive.

The Patron

Look who’s in the bedroom with Bo and Tamsin. Musashi wants bodyguards because of the assassin who’s after him.

The Patron's sister.

Bo and Tamsin take the bodyguard gig. At a tea house, they meet Musashi’s sister (Emily Piggford). She serves but spills hot tea on Musashi and basically calls him a jerk.

The Patron

Musashi claims to be a hero who can bring light, leap over armies, and cause blizzards.

Bo and Tamsin look at a scroll.

Oh my, Musashi is set to ascend – to become a god. That’s what heroes do.

Lauren enters a boxing ring. Dyson holds up the ropes.

Lauren is now scared enough to ask Dyson to train her in self-defense. If he puts his shirt on.

Lauren stitches up Bo's arm.

Bo gets sliced in a bodyguarding mishap. Lauren has to sew her up. She still can’t heal herself, hence the needle and thread. She tells Lauren she has no sex drive. The doc thinks it’s psychological.

Lauren offers sex

Bo has no heat for Dyson or Tamsin, but Lauren is a medical professional. She offers to help. No go. Even the good doctor cannot fire up Bo’s inner succubus. Lauren worries about how vulnerable that makes Bo.

Trick talks to Bo.

Bo is so upset she talks to Trick (Rick Howland) about sex drive. He says Aife lost it for A YEAR! He even uses the word orgasm. Trick thinks it could be psychological. Luckily Tamsin comes in with new info on the case and takes Bo away. Tamsin thinks the assassin was hired by one of the brothers.

Bo giving a massage.

Bo pretends to give Musashi’s brother a massage while pumping him for a confession. She realizes she’s lost her charm, too. He jumps up and tries to strangle her. Bo is rescued by the sister.

The sister

Bo realizes the sister is the one who ordered the hit. She says it’s because Musashi cannot be allowed to ascend. Seems Musashi is taking credit for his sister’s accomplishments. She’s the hero. If her brother ascends without telling the truth, he will be reduced an Akaname – cleaning toilets for the rest of his life. You can’t pretend to be a hero, but admitting dishonor will save you.

The sister brings the light.

Bo and Tamsin dress up like Ninjas and crash the ascension ceremony. Musashi won’t tell the truth. His sister reveals herself as the hero. She brings the light and she causes a blizzard. Now she’s the god and bubba has to clean toilets. Forever.

Dyson teaches Lauren.

Dyson is still teaching Lauren self-defense. He says she should learn to throw from her gut. They talk about how guilty Bo feels about everything.

Bo looking in the mirror

Love the new kimono. Bo spends a lot of time in this episode looking in mirrors and telling herself she’s okay. But during this self-help mirror talk, a very angry Musashi shows up and stabs her. Makes a big hole right in the new kimono.

Bo in the hospital with her friends all around.

Someone finds our bleeding Bo and takes her to Lauren. After she’s stitched up, Bo confesses that she’s responsible for so many losses: her mom, dad, Kyle, Rainer, Hale, Kenzi. Being The One means she loses everyone and will always be alone. Everyone takes a turn telling Bo how much they love her. Well, Tamsin isn’t quite as sweet as the others, but she’s effective. All that love eases her guilt.

Bo's eyes are blue.

All the words of love give Bo her mojo back. Bo’s back, bitches! She sends everyone out of the room but Dyson.

Lauren touches Tamsin's leg.

Tamsin and Lauren listen to Bo and Dyson bumping parts in the next room. Lauren says she’s okay with it. She tells Tamsin thank you for helping with Bo.

Tamsin in tears.

The kind words and affirmation from Lauren reduce Tamsin to tears.

Bo at the tea house in a black hat.

Wow. This image. Had to give you the full length – couldn’t crop off a bit. Bo goes back to the tea house. Musashi serves her tea before he has to go clean toilets. They have a heart to heart about being chosen to lead, being the hero, being vulnerable and open to the truth.

Bo leaves.

Bo leaves the heart to heart saying being chosen is bullshit. Look at her in that hat and that red dress. Honey, Agent Carter ain’t got nothing on Bo Dennis.

Lauren holds a syringe

A late night patient wants the Fae/human switcheroo serum. He threatens the nurse at knife point, but Lauren dispatches him with a well thrown syringe. Thrown from the gut.

Dyson talks to Tamsin

Party at the clubhouse! Dyson and Tamsin talk about Tamsin leaving the police and becoming Bo’s partner in the investigating business. Dyson says it’s a good thing, it works.

Lauren arrives.

Lauren brings beer and wine but no news about the DNA of the three Fae from the elevator.

the gang on the couch

The gang settles in for a night watching horror movies. The candle is burning.

the woman from the elevator wakes up

Guess who wakes from the dead? Yep. She kills the nurse, takes her lipstick and says, “I needed that.” When will we find out who the devil she is?

Some Thoughts

It makes me sad seeing the gang reduced to just 4. They all fit on one couch. Tamsin is great. She’s developing a heart. She’s going to make a good sidekick for Bo. But it’s hard without Kenzi. Damn.

Rachel Skarsten is the reason the phrase “Nordic beauty” was invented.

Why, when sex happens in another room, is it always noisy as furniture throwing? With very vocal, loud moaning? When we are in the same room with a sex scene it is nothing like that. Yeah, the sound effects are funny, but they don’t fit, they don’t belong. That bothers me.

Men have been taking the credit for women’s accomplishments since the origin of the patriarchy. But it’s never been a theme on Lost Girl before. The Lost Girl universe is one of equality: no sexism, no homophobia, no racism. I’m wondering if using this theme now is foreshadowing something ominous about Bo’s father – who may or may not be Hades, King of the Underworld.

10 thoughts on “Lost Girl S5 E3: Big in Japan”

  1. Ok .. I’ll warn you I’m going to dump on this episode and the current state of Lost Girl. The writers have NO CLUE. Bo is back to S4 form being whiny and self absorbed. Dyson, Lauren, Tamsin and Kenzi make better heros the Bo does. Bo feeds on her “friends” both sexually and emotionally but shows them NO LOVE. Even if her partners say the are ok being a snack for Bo, and are ok sharing her, it does not mean it does not hurt them. Bo is clueless … just like the writers are clueless. Bo is not being shown to be strong, confident, and a loving hero who understands the needs of her “family. No, all she concerns herself with is what is happening to her and what she wants and needs. Kenzi was right to leave. Bo has become an emotional parasite.

    Will Bo improve ?? She better or this show destroyed one of the best female heros on TV.

  2. Maigray Bell (@MaigrayBell)

    Hello! Been meaning to bounce over here for a while now. Love the recaps.This was one of my favorite episodes so far.

    Xena had a character with certain similarities to the Amanda Walsh character. She was named Celesta, was a personification of death and carried an ever burning candle.

    I think the man taking credit for a woman’s deed or switching out genders is a vintage fantasy concept. Used everywhere from Shakespeare to Robin McKinley. I remember McKinley because she used it in a Robin Hood adaptation and Ridley Scott did the same thing with his Robin Hood movie.

    In any case, thought it was classic Lost Girl to switch out genders in general, including Bo’s impotence storyline.

  3. In Xena, Celesta was also the sister of Hades. Her touch caused death to those who time was up and she escorted the dead to the underworld. Her candle stayed lite as long as she held it but if her candle ever burned out then there was no more death. Everyone would be immortal including those who have already died. No death would bring about great evil because there was no consequences for evil deeds.

    It will be interesting to see who this woman turns out to be. I hope they don’t draw out this story line too far. We need to get the the meat of Bo’s father sooner rather then later.

  4. My understanding of the three bodies was a little different. Lauren tells Dyson that there were four blood samples, three human and one Fae. Dyson doesn’t recognize the blood as Fae but doesn’t know what kind it is.

    So could Bo end this by snuffing out the candle or is it too late?

    Thanks for the recap!

    1. the elevator scene

      Dyson mentioned a family man, a bike courier, and the unexplained blonde woman from the elevator as being Fae. The family man has to be the guy with his back turned who looks like Bo’s dad, and the bike courier must be the person in the hoodie. So I think the other Fae are important, we just don’t know it yet.

      That candle is going to mean something later, isn’t it?

  5. Oh, and as a counseling student I wasn’t surprised that Bo had an emotional breakdown, though it was ironic that her bff leaving resulted in sexual dysfunction. Bo has had a lot happen starting with the Dawning and this is really the first period of apparent calm that she has had so everything hits her, particularly how she feels that she failed Hale, Rainer, and Kenzi, and finding out that Hades is her dad (we shall see). That’s a lot to process and we’re lucky it only lasted an episode.

    Relationally, I feel like I get where Bo is with Dyson: he appears to be her doggie bag delivery guy when she needs a feed. Hopefully Bo will address where she stands with Tamsin sooner rather than later b/c even the Queen of Denial can’t pretend not to see those longing looks. And I am completely mystified as to what the deal is with Lauren. At the end of S4 there is the necklace and then they kiss and…now they’re friends (who could make babies with their eyes)? I’m guessing Kenzi’s death threw a wrench in their catchup talk but that needs some kind of eventual clarification too. What is with the FTL necklace? It’s on, it’s off, it’s on again. Is it a metaphor for the doccubus relationship? Overall I’m not surprised by the current state of flux; in fact, I’d be more surprised at this stage if Bo was paired off because the writers will keep us in turmoil and angst as long as possible 🙂

    1. I’ve notice several mentions in S5 by both Lauren and Bo that they are friends. I don’t know what that’s foreshadowing, but it’s getting my attention.

      To finish S5 and the whole series with all the story arcs tied up in a bow, we are probably going to be forced to wait until the last moment, just as you said. It would be anti-climactic to do it otherwise.

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