Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix

Scene from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Netflix has all 3 seasons of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, the Australian series that I first reviewed some time ago. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries season 3, the focus of this post, is as much fun as the first 2 seasons were.

With Essie Davis as the fabulous, free-spirited sleuth Phryne Fisher leading the cast, everything about this series is a romp. The series is set in 1920s Melbourne. Phryne’s a detective when a woman shouldn’t have been, at home in society or in a back-alley jazz club. She’s smarter than the police most of the time, and absolutely delightful all of the time.

The costumes are just luscious! The music is exceptionally good. I always sit through all the credits at the end, just to hear the final song playing the episode out. I don’t know Melbourne, so I can’t speak for the outdoor landmarks shown, but the indoor sets and the props are meticulously detailed and rich.

Detective Jack Robinson (Nathan Page) is her crime-solving helper in the police department, as are many others around her from all sorts of social levels. Miss Fisher’s companion/protégé Dot (Ashleigh Cummings), in particular, gets called upon to do detective assistant chores for the dashing heroine.

Nathan Page and Essie Davis in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Nathan Page and Essie Davis in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This is the season 3 trailer for the Australian ABC network.

In season 3, Phryne deals with her slick-talking father’s escapades in several episodes, all the while trying her best to send him back to England. I particularly enjoyed the episode in which Phryne’s Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes) opens her home to a shady doctor who is running a sanatorium for ‘hysterical’ women. His method of treatment is a new invention that we now call a vibrator.

Here’s the season 2 trailer. Ignore the dates and channels mentioned, those applied to Australian TV.

Another season 2 promo offers glimpses behind the scenes.

If you haven’t yet learned to love Phryne Fisher and her elegant world, get over to Netflix and let her transport you into 1920s Melbourne.

You will also find Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on YouTube, Amazon Video, iTunes and Google Play, if you don’t have Netflix.

34 thoughts on “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix”

  1. This is our favorite series. We love it. Where do they get these amazing actors? Every one perfect. And a gorgeous woman who is actually a woman and not fresh out of cheerleader school – more than that – strong and brave and knows who she is without being abrasive or mean – in fact deeply caring and accepting. The wonderful hero, Jack, loves her for who she is. Dot and her young man, Mr Butler, the taxi drvers, Aunt Prudence – love them all.

  2. Only one more to go (season 2)! I’m almost in tears. And when will Netflix broadcast season 3 in the Netherlands? Cannot wait!,

  3. Little MissBehave

    Good to know there are more Miss Fisher fans in the Netherlands! I’m addicted to this show ever since I saw the first episode. I’ve asked Netflix when Miss Fisher will be back at our screens but they haven’t got the license yet to show it on Dutch Netflix. We’ll have to make due with some rewatches and the Tumblr fandom in the meantime…

    1. I’m so happy! From December 31 season 3 is on Netflix in the Netherlands!!! I cannot wait. In the meantime I started all over again with season 1. Every day at 3.30 pm it’s Miss Fischer Time. Big smile on my face. Mmmmm!

      1. Since 1st of Jan. Miss Fisher is on Netflix in the Netherlands. I’m sure Canada will follow. It’s the best series ever,

      1. I’ve seen season one and two twice. Plan a third time. Season three is the most wonderful news of the year! Great!!

      1. I disagree = I couldn’t get into the books at all – but love the television series. Just hope that there will be more. Worrying that there were only 8, and ended going to England – without Dot or the dreamy Inspector.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking to know more about, but I hope this is what you’re after. Essie Davis will soon be in a new feature film, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. It will air on Acorn TV.

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  5. Dear Essie Davis
    Thank you so much for the enjoyment that you have given me; and of course all the cast. You put a life and soul into your character, When you flew off to England and left Jack I was almost in tears. Please Please if you have any say at all we need another 10 series at least.
    When I was a kid growing up during WW2 there many similarities with the scenes, with the way things were then.
    A devoted fan

  6. As a long time silent film fan was attracted to the series. Most times film makers rarely get the 1920’s
    correct. But this series does. Not only the excellent period clothing, hairstyle, lip makeup and cars, shows that
    producers and writers were knowledgeable about the 1920’s. New to the series but it has been enjoyable.
    Excellent cast as well. The Australian cast is new to me and Davis, a surprise, is excellent as lead actor.
    Well worth watching not only for the mystery but it’s sense of humor as well.

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