Monarca, season 2, takes a quest for power to new heights

Osvaldo Benavides, Irene Azuela, and Juan Manuel Bernal in Monarca

Monarca, the Mexican drama, takes the quest for power using betrayal, murder, and blackmail to new heights in season 2. The rich and powerful Carranza family argue over the leadership of their corporation, Monarca. This family relationship series full of intrigue and danger is streaming on Netflix.

Monarca features the three Carranza siblings struggling over who will run their inherited empire. They are Joaquin Carranza (Juan Manuel Bernal), Ana Marie Carranza (Irene Azuela), and Andrés Carranza (Osvaldo Benavides).

If you recall season 1, their father was murdered after attempting to go straight in corruption-ridden Mexico. Ana Marie found his body. The white shirt she was wearing at the time was covered with his blood. Such a convenient item to use for blackmail.

Osvaldo Benavides, Irene Azuela,  Juan Manuel Bernal and Rosa María Bianchi in Monarca
The warring siblings with their mother

The mother of the three siblings, Cecilia (Rosa María Bianchi), pumped lead into their Uncle Agustín at the end of season 1. The guilt of being a murderer drove her a bit mad, but only when it was convenient for the story.

Fernanda Castillo in Monarca
I just want to know who killed my father.

Agustín’s daughter, Sofia Carranza (Fernanda Castillo), showed up wanting to know who killed her dad. Of course, no one was telling. She owned 10% of the shares in Monarca. Soon enough she was infected by the greed that ruled the family and not only wanted to know who killed her father, but also wanted to take over the company. Her story was one of the larger plotlines of season 2.

During the time Andrés was in charge of things, he hired a financial officer name Jonas. (Sorry, the actor isn’t listed in the cast anywhere I can find.) Andrés’ wife Ximena (Gabriela De la Garza), Andrés, and Jonas began a threesome that was another large plotline in the season.

A national election was another story thread. Ana Marie was working for the woman candidate, a fact that brought a big scandal down on her. Speaking of Ana Marie, her husband Martin (James Hyde), was writing a book about a murder that Ana Marie saw her father commit as a child. Ana Marie didn’t want the book to happen. Her solution was typical Carranza.

A quick list of the subplots among the children of the three siblings involved rape, prison, drug abuse, marriage, doomed love affairs, and more. There were 8 episodes in season 2, but they managed to cram in many plots and subplots each with constant twists and surprises.

Considering what ruthless people they are, the characters of Monarca are riveting. Their greed is endless. Their willingness to betray anyone for the promise of power is frightening. Yet I was fascinated by them all. The last scene left everything wide open for a 3rd season, which I hope will happen.

I think part of my fascination with this series is how beautiful it is. The choices made for framing shots were brilliant. The cinematography added both beauty and meaning to the story. The places this family lived and worked were all beautiful as well, which made the backdrop for every scene full of gorgeous options.

I wouldn’t call this series great drama. It’s more of a can’t-look-away melodrama. But it hooks you in and keeps you going.

Monarca poster art

Here’s the season 2 trailer, horribly dubbed in English.

Have you seen the second season of Monarca? What did you think of it?

20 thoughts on “Monarca, season 2, takes a quest for power to new heights”

  1. Loved both seasons hoping for a third. Can’t visit my home in Spain due to pandemic so the show gave me a connection to my other life that I have enjoyed for 20 years.

  2. Absolutely loved season 1. Season 2 was poorly written and I stopped watching. No way would anyone have Joaquin involved after all that he did in season 1. This alone makes season 2 a turn it off series for me.

    1. Just finished 2. Loved season 1 but season 2 has Strange storylines, suddenly all kind of sexual affairs. The 2 teeanagers became grownups in just one “month “
      It started to look like the bold and the beautiful. Really a soap.

  3. I am really enjoying the show. The characters are interesting, the relationships are tense, and some great sexual relationships and dynamics going on too. Great entertainment and the acting and cinematography are very good. Always refreshing to watch shows produced outside North America. Viva Netflix!

  4. jacqueline pearson

    Currently watching season 2 and I am finding it a bit more soapy than season 1- i have read comments saying how many of these stories are just too crazy however; coming from a wealthy family from Mexico, not tequila, I can attest to even crazier stories!

  5. Please…. Don’t you know the name of the song in the episode 5 during Andreas erotic part? I wasnt able to find it. Than you

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