My Love Letter to Lost Girl After 5 Years of Fabulous TV

the cast of Lost Girl

This is my love song, my big thank you, to ALL the actors, crew, costume designers, make up artists, writers, producers, directors and creative minds behind Lost Girl. I love what you created.

I’ve been a fan of Lost Girl since the first episode, when I fell hard for the show. There was one simple reason then, and it has remained true for all 5 years that the series lasted. Characters. I love the characters.

Anna Silk

I most especially and fervently love that the show centered around a woman. Anna Silk as Bo Dennis and everyone gathered around her have been consistently engaging and entertaining.

It wasn’t the plots or the storylines. Let’s face it, in the fantasy world of the Fae, the plots often were unbelievable and defied logic. It didn’t matter how implausible things grew, because it was Bo and the gang dealing with whatever it was.

Guess what, your're human

Bo wasn’t the only badass female character. I loved Bo’s sidekick through most of the drama, the  one-liner queen Kenzi, played by Ksenia Solo. I loved Bo’s friend, her sometime lover, her problem solver in the form of Lauren Lewis played by Zoie Palmer. I loved the enemies who became Bo’s supporters – Tamsin, played by Rachel Skarsten and The Morrigan/Evony played by Emmanuelle Vaugier.

I think she was in the crash.

I loved the men in the cast as well. Kris Holden-Ried as Bo’s main hunk Dyson, Rick Howland as the sage behind the bar Trick, and Paul Amos as the delightful villain turned loyal supporter Vex.

Everyone in the cast seemed to be having such fun. It was infectious.

The characters who were there through nearly all 5 seasons were brilliant. It was a great ride to watch them evolve and change and grow. Those who came and went (alas, poor Hale) were important to the stories, the other characters, and the audience.

I must mention some of the delightful characters who passed through the story over the years. We had brownies and sirens and furies and moles and flaming eagles and Bacchus and lokis and gods and goddesses and demons and oracles and nymphs and all sorts of mythological and forkloric beings. We got gigantic guys who loved iambic pentameter and murderous mothers. They were all wonderful. So many awesome guest stars came through the doors of the show. There were guests we loved and guests we hated and they were played to the hilt in every case.

I’ve also enjoyed the Lost Girl fan community. Conversations on Twitter and all those GIFs and videos and works of art from the brilliant and creative minds of Lost Girl fans were a treat.

I loved the tweets from the cast. Live tweets during show times, but also random things they felt like saying. And a big thank you to Zoie Palmer’s cat, too. Great tweets from the kitty.

I appreciate so much the behind the scenes photos the cast put on Instagram and Facebook. Rachel Skarsten is a talented photographer, I must say. Ksenia Solo shares amazing photos on Instagram. So does Paul Amos.

Lost Girl was simply all good. I always looked forward to every episode. I will look back on the show and rewatch it with unflagging pleasure.All the photos from cons, all the videos of con panels where we saw the cast as themselves – I’m thankful for all that. It’s delightful to see Anna Silk blush about sex when she plays such a sexy woman on TV. It’s hilarious to hear Zoie Palmer crack jokes. It’s enlightening to see what a serious woman Ksenia Solo is. It’s crazy watching Kris Holden-Ried and Paul Amos make ridiculous hams of themselves without embarrassment. I’ll never make it to a con, so I appreciate the people who do sharing what they see.

Lost Girl was simply all good. I always looked forward to every episode. I will look back on the show and rewatch it with unflagging pleasure. Five years ago I had not heard of one of these Canadian actors. Now I’m a lifelong fan of each of them.

In a Larger Sense

In a larger sense, there was much about Lost Girl that was significant in the landscape of pop culture. The attitude toward sexuality was all-inclusive (well, minus a transgender character). There were bi women, gay men, lesbian women, straight folks and it was all good. Kenzi’s declaration that she liked men was treated with the same respect as Lauren’s declaration that naked football players really weren’t that interesting.

In every possible way, this show emphasizes that love is love. No need to choose between light and dark, men and women, Fae and human. It isn’t an either / or situation. The heroine can be good and evil, strong and vulnerable. It’s a matter of degree, but goodness and love rule in the end.

zoie palmer, anna silk, ksenia solo in Lost Girl costumes

The women ran the show. Yes, Trick and Dyson were there being heroic (and keeping secrets), but the big events, the big decisions, the big changes all revolved around Bo.

The overarching message of the series was to embrace who you are and live life according to your own inner truth. Live life ruled by love, not evil. Who doesn’t need to hear a message like that week after week?

It is significant that evil was defeated by the characters’ internal powers. By brains and personal gifts and skills. Weapons, if they needed them at all, were hand-to-hand – knives, swords, sticks. There was a refreshing lack of machine guns and blazing barrages of bullets. You can save the world with your strength of character, your generous heart, and your intelligence. Such a needed message in this day and age.

I know the show meant many different things to many people. What did it mean to you?

10 thoughts on “My Love Letter to Lost Girl After 5 Years of Fabulous TV”

  1. this is exactly how I feel after 5 seasons of this great show : “Live life ruled by love, not evil.” This letter is so true. Thank you Lost Girl and the Faemily

  2. Nicely put. I am positive that this show will continue to matter – as a testament to the fact that a television show built around a strong, intelligent, and compassionate, female protagonist (who also happens to be bisexual – no biggie) can succeed. 😉

  3. SI (Alex) Lopez-Baez

    I concur with your letter’s spirit and sentiment. I also fell in love with the show when I first saw it. I was intrigued by the relationships and the twists and turns, as well as the takes on mythology. The care and concern displayed by the characters that were fully dimensional and complex engaged me. This show was a weekly indulgence in my busy and complex life.
    The Faemily I acquired is the lottery I gained from watching the show and using social media to communicate. Eventually I traveled to Comic Cons in the US and abroad to meet the cast and also international Faemily members. The actors I met are gracious, generous, compassionate and so very patient with us fans. Their schedules at those events are pretty intense, yet they spend whatever time they have with each fan letting us know that we matter.
    This show has been and will be etched in my heart forever, it is for me, a life event that has brought much joy and a myriad of emotions that I processed with Faemily members. I will hold Lost a Girl close to my heart, with gratitude to all involved in bringing that gift forth.

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