Orphan Black Season 5 Photos Released

Felix (Jordan Gavaris), Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy)

BBC America released 10 new images from season 5 of Orphan Black. They also issued a warning that “walls are closing in” on Sarah when nearly all her sister clones and their allies are “brought to heel” by Rachel. Apparently that includes Sarah’s daughter, Kira.

Here’s the BBC America description: “With the threat of Neolution having carte blanche access to clone biology, Sarah is desperate to gain control, but realizes she must change tactics to pursue a long game. Protecting both her families, and the host of clones she’s yet to meet, Sarah and those still fighting the fight will uncover the missing pieces of the insidious conspiracy – and finally learn the story behind their origin. Despite the great risk, the fight of her life will either set her and her sestras free, or see them meet their end.”

After 5 years of rooting for Sarah and her sestras, the answer to that fight better be “set them free.”

Click the first image to enlarge and see a slideshow.

Oh, my, I have questions.

  • Who is that with Krystal talking to Art and Scott? Could it be another clone?
  • Who is the new guy protecting Helena?
  • What’s up with Delphine’s tummy?
  • Why is everyone so bruised and bloody?
  • Why is Donnie all slumped over like that?
  • What’s Kira so worried about?
  • Will Helena have her twins this season?
  • Why didn’t they do a better job with Sarah’s arm reaching out for a cup from Rachel? Not up to their usual impeccable standards.

Some things to celebrate are in the photos, too. It looks like Delphine will be back, a big hurrah to that. Sarah survived being stabbed and stranded on a beach in freezing weather. Big hurrah to that. Another hurrah to how healthy Cosima looks.

Felix has covered every inch of his wall space with art and now needs a bigger apartment.

I love Orphan Black so much. I’ve appreciated the scientific and military themes running through the drama of the sestras stories. I can’t wait for season 5, but I’m sad that it will be the final season.

What conclusions can you reach about season 5 from the photos?

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