Review: Wentworth

Wentworth is frequently mentioned when the conversation turns to Orange is the New Black. The Australian women’s prison drama is now on Netflix. I binge watched both seasons of the show and now understand why the two shows are so often mentioned in the same breath. This review of Wentworth will tell you a little … Continue reading “Review: Wentworth”

The Emmy Women’s Categories: Who I’m Rooting For

Primetime Emmy Award winners will be announced on August 25 on NBC. I’m chiefly interested in the women’s categories and thought it would be fun to talk about favorites, who I’m rooting for, and hear from you about who you are hoping to see win. Best Actress in a Comedy Series Lena Dunham, “Girls” Edie … Continue reading “The Emmy Women’s Categories: Who I’m Rooting For”

Binge Watching VS. One Hour a Week

I rewatched all of season 3 of Lost Girl on Netflix. I was surprised to see many clues to what happened in season 4 that I’d forgotten about in the months between the two seasons. Now I’m rewatching Lost Girl season 4 and having an epiphany about binge watching. When I watched season 4 on … Continue reading “Binge Watching VS. One Hour a Week”

TV Extends its Reach

Yesterday there was an announcement in The Hollywood Reporter that the series The Fosters has an order for a 5 part web series that will focus on the group home where the character Callie is currently living. Lost Girl used 4 webisodes to bridge the gap between season 3 and season 4. Defiance has a … Continue reading “TV Extends its Reach”

Hit the Lights, Lost Girl

Can you see K.C. Collins in the screen shot above? He’s there, down at the end of the line, next to Ksenia Solo, who is also hard to see. Here’s another image with K.C. Collins that presumably involves outside light. Still hard to see, isn’t he? Maybe it’s because of budget issues, as mehlsbells suggests, … Continue reading “Hit the Lights, Lost Girl”

The Twitter Buzz

Michelle Dean wrote a fascinating article at Flavorwire: 2013: The Year the Social Media Dam Broke. She talks about how social media buzz, particularly on Twitter can make or break a show. Her cases in point are Girls vs. Enlightened and Scandal. Here’s what she said about why Girls survived and Enlightened did not: And … Continue reading “The Twitter Buzz”