Recap: Last Tango in Halifax, S1 E6

last tango in halifax

The episode opens with Celia (Anne Reid) and Alan (Derek Jacobi)  having a cup of coffee on their way to Celia’s. Celia tells Alan that Caroline told her when she was 18 and home from her first year at Oxford that she was interested in a woman. Celia said she didn’t want people pointing and saying things. Alan wanted to know what happened. Celia revealed there was one girl but Caroline never brought her home. In a few years Caroline met John and Celia thought it was forgotten.

Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) arrives home after taking a drunk and bloody Judith to the emergency room. Kate (Nina Sosanya) is there waiting. Caroline asks how the boys are. Kate says do you want the bad news first or the even worse news?

bad news
Do you want the bad news first, or the even worse news?

Kate tells Caroline that Gillian (Nicola Walker) rang and warned about Celia coming home. Kate says Celia is apparently taking the news badly. Plus, Lawrence now knows about Kate.

Caroline goes up to Lawrence’s (Louis Greatorex) bedroom. He is in tears and hugs her fiercely, saying he doesn’t want people being mean to her. She hugs him back and says, nobody is going to be mean to her, she can handle mean. Since we saw her effectively shut down the male teacher who tried to intimidate her, we know she’s right. Lawrence appreciates the reassurance, however.

I can handle mean
I can handle mean

At the farm, John (Tony Gardner) wakes up in Gillian’s bed. He goes outside to find her working on the clutch. Paul (Sacha Dhawan) is sitting outside reading a manual on Land Rovers while Gillian works. John comments that Gillian is up early. She says, “Early? It’s half past 7.”

We made love
We made love

“We made love,” John says. Gillian says, “You were upset. It was my birthday. Go pour yourself some tea.” John seems to want to process the night, Gillian doesn’t. She lets him know with her attitude that it was nothing but sex and she’s not interested in anything more. Paul’s a bit jealous. Gillian isn’t interested in that either.

Caroline goes to her mother’s cottage in the early morning. She looks like a child, steeling herself to face an angry parent. She says she’s sorry Celia heard what she heard the way she heard it. Alan tries to leave them alone, but Celia insists he stays.

Caroline says, “I don’t know what you’ve heard.” Celia answers, “Well, I’m assuming it’s nonsense.”

Alan looks at Celia in dismay. He doesn’t like the way Celia is dismissing Caroline.

assuming its nonsense
Alan doesn’t like Celia to assume it’s nonsense.

Caroline tries to explain how she and Kate became close and how things developed. Caroline said, “She thinks the world of me, and I think a lot about her.”

Celia raises her voice and calls it sudden. Caroline says it isn’t sudden, that she tried to talk to her mom about it when she was in university. Celia ignores that and says, “Why did you marry John?”

Caroline answers that she married him because she like him and thought they could have a good life, which they did until he ran off with Judith.

Caroline wants her mother to get it. Caroline says, “I’m too old to pretend anymore.” Celia is untouched by the pain in Caroline’s face. Caroline says, “I’d like both of you to meet Kate.”

too old to pretend
I’m too old to pretend any more

Celia says, “No thank you.” Caroline insists they must. She says she’s called Kate McKenzie, which prompts Celia to ask if she’s Scottish. Caroline answers, “No, she’s Nigerian.” The Brits are far more enlightened about race that we are here in the states, but the implications of the word Nigerian wash across Celia’s face in an unpleasant way. Celia announces that she and Alan have decided against the school chapel and will make other plans.

decided against the chapel
We’ve decided against the school chapel and it would be better if I moved out.

Celia says it would be better if she moved out. Alan watches her walk away from Caroline with a horrified expression on his face.

Talking to Gillian
Lesbian spores?

Alan arrives back in Halifax on the train, where Gillian is waiting to pick him up. They stop in a pub where he tells her the story. Gillian says, “Why does she have to move out so fast? Is she afraid she’s going to get infected with lesbian spores?”

Alan explains that he told Celia that Kate seemed like a nice person and that was what mattered. He says it’s nothing these days, people don’t bat an eye at lesbians.

John arrives home. Caroline says, “I specifically asked you not to tell my mum.” He says he’s sorry. He says he went to Halifax to talk to Gillian. Caroline says, “I knew you were infatuated with her.” He keeps quiet about the sex with Gillian. He offers to apologize to Celia.

Then Alan asks her about the hundreds – thousands – of times they had sex. He wants to know what she was thinking about.

what were you thinking
What were you thinking about?

She says she can’t remember. She says, “I was a good wife. You blew it, not me. I liked having sex with you. I’m sorry if that doesn’t compute but it’s true. I liked you. I loved you. I wanted to have children with you.”

He says he feels used. She talks about how sordid Judith’s flat is and how vulnerable Judith is. When John asks what she was doing with Judith she answers, “I was having sex with her.” He believes it for a moment, but she quickly adds, “That was a joke.” She explains about Judith accidentally slashing her wrist in the garden, William fainting, and how it was a memorable birthday.

At the farm, Paul and Raff (Josh Bolt) are on the couch playing video games like old friends when Gillian and Alan arrive.

Paul and Raff play video games
Paul and Raff play video games

Alan and Gillian go in the kitchen where Alan continues to worry over his disappointment in Celia. He says, “She reads The Daily Mail.” Gillian turns very seriously and says, “How long have you known this?” Then they giggle. They talk about Celia’s honesty and plain spokenness, which Alan normally likes. Alan says he was shocked by how unkind and unthinking she had been toward Caroline. Gillian says, “You’re not going to fall out with her.”  He doesn’t answer.

Celia comes to Caroline’s door and asks to talk to her. She says it’s been several days since she talked to Alan. He wants Celia to meet Kate. Caroline says she can cook dinner for Kate and Celia and Alan. Celia mutters Oh, god, under her breath as Caroline leaves. She’s only doing it for Alan.

The night of the dinner, the boys are helping with the table, Kate is helping make salads. Celia and Alan are in her cottage waiting for 8:00 to go to dinner. He tells her he thinks she’s bigoted, small minded and old fashioned. She denies it and claims she is not. She’s bewildered by his opinion.

I'm not bigoted
I’m not bigoted or small minded or old fashioned

Robbie (Dean Andrews) arrives at the farm. Gillian greets him with a big smile. Robbie’s brought wine for dinner with Gillian. He’s a bit surprised to see Paul still there, but he accepts it. Their dinner will include Robbie, Gillian, Paul and Raff. It’s odd, but it works for Gillian.


At the other dinner party at Caroline’s, Kate is trying very hard, talking to Celia and Alan about how wonderful their story is, which she calls uplifting and extraordinary. Celia is being difficult. Alan keeps attempting to  jolly Celia in to behaving better. He says William and Raff put their names on Facebook. Kate says, “I know all about it. Caroline told me.” She takes Caroline’s hand when she says this. Celia looks horrified.

Caroline told me all about it

Alan reminds Celia to ask Caroline about using the chapel after all. She acts reluctant to ask. Kate offers a choir – seems she runs the choir at school.

William mentions he’s in the choir. Lawrence says that’s because William is a puff. He says William fainted.

Kate asks what music they would like and Alan mentions “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.” Celia is still reluctant to talk about this with Kate. By now Caroline and Celia are shooting daggers at each other with their eyes.

Celia asks why William fainted and Lawrence says, Judith slashed an artery and he got sprayed in mad alkie-woman blood. Kate tries to make light of it, which lets Celia know she was there. Kate asks about honeymoon plans.

Caroline asks to talk to Celia in the other room. They leave the room, but everyone can hear them arguing. Caroline says, “Why are you being like this?” Celia says, “I can’t stand seeing you make a fool of yourself.”

make a fool of yourself
I can’t stand seeing you make a fool of yourself.

Celia says that Kate is only being nice to Caroline because she wants a promotion. She says that Caroline doesn’t love Kate, a fact she thinks she knows because Caroline didn’t say it outright the other morning. Kate hears this and looks hurt. Alan is mortified on Kate’s behalf. Celia says, “It turned my stomach when she touched you.” Caroline says, “She touched my hand.”

Celia goes back to her cottage. Alan lingers. He asks Kate if she’s all right. She says she’s tough as an old boot. Kate calls a cab and goes outside to wait for it. Caroline chases her outside and asks her to stay. Kate says, “I always knew you didn’t feel the same about me as I feel about you.” She leaves even as Caroline asks her again not to go.

I’m disappointed

At Celia’s cottage, Celia says, “Well, that’s done.” Alan says, “Yes, that’s done,” in a sad voice. She asks if he’s all right. He says, “No, I’m disappointed.”

alan arrives on the train
Alan arrives on the train

Morning in Halifax and Alan has come home on the train again. Gillian and Alan stop at the pub for a talk. He tells her that he thought Celia should try to get on with Kate. He was hurt because Celia told him that her relationship with Kate wasn’t any of his business. He told her they’d reached the end of the line. Celia answered that she couldn’t feel something she didn’t. Gillian is sorry that he thinks it’s ended. He looks terribly sad.

At home, Celia is sitting alone. It looks as if she’s been doing it for hours. Let’s hope she’s doing some soul searching. When Caroline gets home from work she asks to speak to her. She says Alan’s dumped her. Caroline just says, “Oh.” Celia says it’s all because of Caroline’s business. Caroline says, “Don’t you dare blame me.” Celia says, “I’ve been so happy.” Caroline says, “If it’s any consolation, Kate’s finished with me.” Kate handed in her resignation, which Caroline has in her purse.

Caroline calls her mother a nasty, small-minded old bitch. Celia recoils as if she’d been slapped. John comes in and says, “Don’t speak to your mother like that.” Caroline counters, “I haven’t got a mother.” Celia, who was already miserable about Alan, is clearly hurt deeply by Caroline’s venom. Then Caroline runs up to her room where she starts sobbing.

Gillian and Alan talk
Gillian and Alan talk

Gillian and Alan are on the couch at the farm. Gillian tells Alan that Robbie asked her out, proper. She reminds Alan that he apologized the other night. We learn that she went out with Robbie before she married Eddie. She says she always liked Robbie. Alan and Celia seem to have lost their second chance at love. Caroline seems to have lost her second chance at love. Here we are in the last episode of the season and we learn that Gillian is hoping for her own second chance at love. The writing on this show is so good!

Alan is rubbing his chest and dismisses it as indigestion when Gillian is concerned.

Celia goes to Kate’s house. Celia talks about her unhappy marriage, about how Caroline was the one thing that kept her going. She talks about how Caroline reminds her of her dad, whom she still misses. Celia says, “The thing that worried me when she told me when she was 18 – what worried me – was I thought it was my fault, by being so disappointed in Kenneth. I thought it was my fault.”

Kate says, “Celia, that’s not how it works.”

not how it works
That’s not how it works

Celia says, “Now I know that.” She adds, ” I just want her to be happy.” She give’s Kate a plaintive look. “Don’t leave her.”

don't leave her
Don’t leave her

The next thing we see is Celia and Kate arriving at Caroline’s door. Caroline opens it and realizes what’s happened. Celia leaves and heads for the cottage. From Celia’s viewpoint outside the house, we see Kate and Caroline on a couch touching and laughing. Celia smiles.

At her own cottage, Celia sees Alan inside and she’s suddenly joyful, but when she gets the door open and turns on the light, he isn’t there.

In the morning Celia drives to the farm. Only Paul is inside. He tells her that Alan had a heart attack. He says the paramedics brought him back from the dead.

Celia rushes to the hospital where she finds Gillian and Raff in Alan’s room. Gillian is crying, she says she didn’t ring because they split up and he was so unhappy. Celia says she’s put everything right and she needs him to know.

Gillian crying
Gillian cries as she tells what the doctor said

Gillian explains what the doctors said and how bad it is. He hasn’t been conscious at all. Celia wants to sit with him and tell him that she’s put things right. Gillian tells her to go ahead.

Celia sits down and talks to the unconscious Alan telling him that it turns out that she’s not bigoted or small minded, but that she blamed herself for Caroline being “the other way inclined.” She says, “I’ve been on the road to Damascus, come out the other side. They’re back together, the ladies. I’m assuming you and I are back on.”

Caroline arrives at the hospital. She hugs Celia and they apologize to each other. She asks how Alan is and Celia whispers, “Not good.”

not good
How is he? Not good.

Alan is dreaming about their youth, about the time he asked Celia out, the time he asked her to meet him on the bridge at 6 PM and she agreed.

Alan awakes saying, “I always knew you’d turn up eventually, even if it took you 60 years.” Celia says, “Hello.” Alan asks, “Did I come to see you last night or were I dreaming?” He says he loves her and he doesn’t care. She says, “I went round to Kate’s house last night and they’re back together.” Celia says, “You’ll never guess. Kate can play the organ. She can play The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.”

you'll know
Kate knows The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. That’ll be coming in handy.

Alan laughs. Celia smiles. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba plays in the background. The first season ends on a happy note.

What are your thoughts about this episode?

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23 thoughts on “Recap: Last Tango in Halifax, S1 E6”

  1. Jane Hutchinson

    Well, I have a jumble of comments and a question. When Robbie came over Gillian’s with a bottle of wine, did they have sex? I just assumed that, because Gillian and John got inebriated before sex, I’m wondering if booze is what John and Robbie like in order to break the ice and have evening sex. However, with Paul, the trysts are in the afternoon. No need for wine or other alcohol. You talked about sexual prime. Paul is in his sexual prime, which is probably why Robbie hates that Gillian still has Paul in her house. Paul represents virility. Robbie may wonder if he can compete, sexually, with Paul. A little competition, common with men.And, who picked Paul off the ground when Paul’s mom dropped a seriously injured Paul on the ground? Nice mother. Must have been Gillian who picked him up. Gillian represents strength.

    Love the comedy between Paul and Gillian. Paul tells John that Paul is gigolo. True. Gillian is amused that Paul says he is erudite despite not knowing the meaning of the word.
    When jealous Paul finds out that Gillian had sex with Paul, he calls Gillian a slapper, British slang for loose woman. True. Yep. Of note, gigolo Paul is studying a book about Land Rover repair, perhaps to assist in fixing the clutch problem, perhaps to impress Gillian. Of course, more comedy when Paul falls down the stairs, his grand entrance, because Gillian has forgotten his fluids. And, more comedy when Paul laughs about the lemon of a Land Rover.

    The need for excitement and adventure. Seems Alan, Celia, and Caroline are now looking for adventure in their new mates. John may have been looking for adventure in his affair with Judith. Gillian wanted the adventure of sex with stud, Paul, trysts in the afternoon with a guy who was engaged to marry. Gillian had a brutal excitement, abuse, with Eddie, her dead husband. Now, Gillian is looking for something more sedate, more secure, with policeman, Robbie. Don’t know how secure the relationship is, if Robbie finds out about Gillian not calling the ambulance sooner to save Eddie’s life. If he finds out, he may not like that Gillian continued her slapper ways days before, by having sex with John. Will Gillian be faithful to Robbie in the future?

    I think, Celia sees Alan for a brief moment, probably when he was medically “dead”. That’s my opinion.

  2. Jane Hutchinson

    Wow, I wonder if anyone else thought Gillian had sex with Robbie after dinner. I just remember that Gillian invited Robbie to have sex the time before. Robbie declined to be virtuous, which Gillian probably liked and appreciated. But, I wondered how long Robbie would be virtuous with a willing Gillian. He’s a great guy if he’s teaching Gillian to wait for sex.

  3. Jane Hutchinson

    i do agree that Gillian’s cougar relationship with Paul is over. She sees him as a pal to Raffie. Raffie is over his despising Paul because he knows the sex between Paul and Gillian is over. And, she called them both “lads” when she calls them to dinner. However, I think the writers will continue the comedy between Paul and Gillian, unless Celia needs more new knickers. The show needs the comic relief, juxtaposed between the drama.

  4. Jane Hutchinson

    Hope I am not offending anyone or overwhelming anyone with my lengthy and frequent comments and the content of them. I just like the show and the characters, including Paul. Well written script. My only complaint is that Caroline’s bangs are too long and hide her pretty eyes.

  5. Even though the ending was pretty happy and encouraging, episode 6 was so heartbreaking.

    Can someone please drop a house on John and be done with him?

    I absolutely adore this show!

    1. At the end of episode 5 I had a vain hope that John would turn Gillian down on the offer of sex. Alas, he did not. I also have this crazy idea that Gillian and Caroline should be sisterly support for each other. I cannot decide if seducing John is something a sister would do or the worst thing in the world you could do to someone who’s already been hurt by infidelity. It is agony to have to wait for season 2 to get these things addressed by the writers.

      1. Jane Hutchinson

        I guess Gillian’s inconsideration for Caroline’s potential feelings is more evidence of Gillian’s inability to think things through before acting, as was the case with her having sex with Paul. Alan says in episode 6 that he has long since given up on Gillian’s romantic and sexual activities. So, he may be inferring that Gillian has a history of not thinking things through with her choices, long before Paul came into the picture. Perhaps Gillian should have thought things through before waiting for Eddie to die. I can see some positive outcomes from Gillian’s lack of forethought, though. Paul’s fiance is rescued from a philandering husband. Devil Paul morphs into an angel of sorts, and Celia calls him “love”. But, I’m glad John did not tell Caroline he had made love to Gillian. (Of course, for Gillian, it had nothing to do with love.) Some things are best kept a secret.

      2. Jane Hutchinson

        I guess the term that describes Gillian is impulsive. I do think that a sister relationship with Caroline is not on Gillian’s mind. Gillian is accustomed to going it alone and probably prefers it that way. She has great physical strength and mechanical ability. She is only accustomed and resolved to getting emotional support from Alan and Raffie. She will be lost if her dad dies. John offers to help her, in any small way, to fix the Land Rover and she harshly puts him in his place. We see her working the farm without any help, fixing the Land Rover without help, etc. Impulsivity is also characteristic of ADHD and other disorders. I think this is unlikely, unless Gillian shows other symptoms. But, perhaps the writers are trying to convey to us that Gillian has a bit of these disorder and may not be able to control her sexual urges. The cure may be for Gillian to count to 10, think things through, before acting. But, if she has these disorders, she may do things like threaten a sister relationship with Caroline, her birthday twin, despite the support they could give each other. Mental illness is something these characters are not immune to and is frequently not diagnosed, because of the stigma attached to it. But, perhaps that may explain some things about Gillian. And, the writers of this show are so good they may not be leaving mental illness out of the equation. But, I think the reason for Gillian’s threatening a sister relationship with Caroline is her being accustomed and resolved to going it alone and accustomed and resolved to only getting her emotional support from her dad and getting her limited emotional support from her son.

  6. Jane Hutchinson

    I was also left wondering, after Gillian said she had originally dated Robbie. For some reason the Gillian/Robbie thing didn’t work out and Gillian married his brother. Maybe another example of Gillian not thinking things through before acting.

  7. Jane Hutchinson

    I don’t think anyone has hit on this subject. But, there is an abuse of alcohol, not just by Judith, but, by Gillian and John, as well. And, this abuse has distorted their judgement way too many times. I suppose, as a viewer, I get accustomed to the alcohol, as I have seen all the adult characters drinking pints of beer and bottles of wine at dinner parties, pubs, etc. One of Alan’s buddies is a drunk. Paul may be drinking beer with pain killers at the pub. Eddie was a drinker. I may be dreaming, but, didn’t Lawrence ask Caroline if he could get drunk?

  8. Jane Hutchinson

    I’m sure that others have hit on this subject at length. If so my apologies. Of course, Last Tango in Halifax has a large lesbian following, even musical video, love tributes on YouTube, regarding Kate and Caroline. And, lesbians have remarked that Gillian has many of the characteristics of a lesbian, but that Gillian and the other characters are unaware. I find that remark interesting in regard to a support relationship between Caroline and Gillian and Kate, as Kate is now part of the sisterhood due to the relationship between Kate and Caroline. Does anyone on this forum consider the possibility that Gillian may be a lesbian? I don’t see it.

  9. Jane Hutchinson

    I saw a repeat of episode six and I do think the writers leave a question of whether Gillian had sex with Robbie after her dinner party. Gillian talks to Alan about her interest in Robbie and that Robbie wants a right date with her. She tells Alan that perhaps she is crazy about her renewed interest in Robbie. Alan has said he has given up on Gillian’s sexual activities. I would think that Gillian is aware of that. Could it be that Gillian left out sex with Robbie to spare Alan’s feelings on the subject? Anyway, I don’t think Alan was delighted to hear about her interest in Robbie, especially knowing about her usual bad choice of men and the added manslaughter issue. Of course, Alan has his heart attack immediately after she tells him about her interest in Robbie. It is assumed, even by me, that his heart attack is due to his strain about his problems with Celia. But, I can’t help but wonder if Gillian’s talk to Alan was the final straw. I wonder if Gillian feels some guilt about that. Perhaps, she doesn’t realize Alan’s concern and guilt over the manslaughter issue. He may be sparing her his guilty feelings. Anyway, I am just sharing my thoughts.

  10. Jane Hutchinson

    Does Gillian ask Alan if she is crazy to be pursuing a relationship with Robbie? Or, does she just share with him that she must be crazy to want a relationship with Robbie? Anyone remember?

  11. Jane Hutchinson

    I have a perplexing question. In episode 5, when Gillian had sex in the house with John, who was in the house? I know Paul was there, unaware that John was in Gillian’s bed. Robbie, Alan and Celia left. Where was Raff? Was he at Robbie’s for the night? Wasn’t he reconciled with Gillian and living with Gillian? I can’t imagine Gillian would have sex with John with Raff in the house. So, Raff must have been sleeping elsewhere. Or was this another example of Gillian’s playing with fire?

    I suppose, in episode 6, it would be impossible for Gillian to have sex with Robbie, after the dinner party, with Alan and Raff in the house? Can someone help me with this?

  12. Virginia, I need your thoughts on this question. Regarding her sex with John, was there any indication that Raff was not sleeping in the farmhouse? I read your recap and I don’t see any indication that Raff had slept other than in the farmhouse. Can you find evidence that he was sleeping elsewhere? Did he leave with Robbie? Did he stay overnight at a friend’s house?

    Also, how does Alan know about Gillian’s sexual escapades? Could it be that she would sneak a man into her bedroom after Alan (and Raff?) had gone to bed, and send the guy packing before Alan (and Raff?) woke up, but, Alan was somewhat aware? I know this is all far-fetched. Am I being ridiculous?

    1. Those things aren’t spelled out in the story, so I don’t know for sure. I think both Raff and Paul were in the house on the night with John, but that’s just what I think. It’s a very large house, if the outside views are any indication. Alan and Gillian are very close – she’s been single for 10 years – he knows what she’s up to.

      I don’t think parents want to know the details of their children’s sex lives any more than children want to know such details about their parents.

      I’ve noticed among my friends who are struggling to accept a gay child that suddenly the thought of what is happening in the bedroom becomes a concern. Even though such thoughts never occur when a child is in a hetero relationship. Celia expressed this when she told Caroline that it turned her stomach when Kate touched her. When Caroline said it was just her hand, Celia said Heaven knows what else you’ve been up to.

      Alan is doing what parents do – not dwelling on the details even though he might know who is parading in and out of Gillian’s bedroom. She’s 46 years old, she has a right to run her own sex life without her father looking over her shoulder. Alan knows that. Celia had a ways to travel (to Damascus) before she could accept the relationship between Caroline and Kate without dwelling on the details, but it looks like she’s ready to turn loose of thinking about the details. She can learn a lot from Alan’s attitude.

      1. Jane Hutchinson

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

        I share Alan’s views regarding my three sons’ sex lives, and have no issue regarding whether they are gay or straight. I am liberal minded, as Alan is, and I live in liberal Massachusetts where same sex marriages are legal. Celia seemed prepared to burn her bridge with her only child, Caroline. Her only child! That, I would never do with any of my 3 kids.

        I thought that I wouldn’t allow my kids to have girlfriends sleep over, in my home. But, I decided I would rather have them safe at home than having sex in cars, etc. So, this is not unlike Gillian’s having sex in her bedroom, while Alan is home. However, I have a problem with Gillian having sex in her bedroom while Raff is home, unless he is strung out on painkillers like Paul is, or, unless Gillian has her own in-law apartment (private entrance/exit, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) within her big house, so that she has adequate privacy to entertain her male friends. Even in a big house, with bedrooms spaced far apart, Raff could run into Gillian’s varied male friends in other ways. Don’t know if Gillian has a in-law apartment. Alan may have an in-law apartment within that home, too, which may be where he and Celia might live. Of course, Celia had her own apartment in Caroline and John’s home and Alan and Celia might live there, as well. Just my personal opinion and thanks for sharing yours. I look forward to your recaps and comments in series #2 and the continuing saga!

  13. Jane Hutchinson

    Here I go again with another thought that occurred to me. I hope this is my last, until next series.

    If Raff was in that house, I am so glad that Raff was not in earshot the morning that John and Gillian talked outside about their tryst. If he overheard, what would Raff think about Gillian having sex with Caroline’s husband? And, what effect would this have on his relationship with Gillian? Another case of bad judgement by Gillian? Thank God Raff didn’t overhear. He was very loving and supportive of Gillian, when she needed it most, after Alan’s heart attack.

    I wonder if the writers want detail oriented, obsessed people, like me, to wonder about the unseen things, like Gillian’s not thinking through the consequences, in other unseen ways. We know that Raff couldn’t handle Gillian’s choice of sex partner, Paul, when Raff found out. I’m hoping Gillian’s old school, romantic relationship with Robbie continues. Raff approves of old school Robbie.

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