Review: Avocado Toast the series

Perrie Voss and Heidi Lynch in Avocado Toast the series

Avocado Toast the series showed up as I was digging around in the obscure regions of Prime Video. It’s a Canadian web series. Season 1 has 11 very short episodes.

Avocado Toast the series revealed a personal bias I didn’t realize I had. I can watch a show about grown men acting like juvenile idiots and think, “Ah, right.” But show me a web series about grown women acting like juvenile idiots and I get really annoyed. I don’t want women acting like juvenile idiots.

Two 30-something women, Molly (Heidi Lynch) and Elle (Perrie Voss), are roommates. Or roommates again.

Faye Marsay and Heidi Lynch in Avocado Toast the series
Meet cute with The One

Molly is just returning from 2 years teaching in England where she fell in love with The One (Faye Marsay) before heading home to claim her bisexuality.

Back home, Molly comes out to her mom (Mag Ruffman). She discovers that her parents have an open marriage and might even be swingers. This is more than she can take.

Elle works in her mom Patricia’s (Brenda Robins) ad agency. Elle learns that her mom is having an affair with a much younger guy (Scott Cavalheiro) and plans to divorce her dad. This is more than she can take.

They fall apart individually and collectively over the parent crises they are experiencing. They drink far too much at the local bar. The very pregnant gay bar owner Rosie (Nelu Handa) hired a new guy to fill in when the baby comes. He’s Jake (Kristian Bruun).

Kristian Bruun and Perrie Voss in Avocado Toast the series

Jake likes Elle. Does Elle like Jake? She’s in crisis and doesn’t know.

Elle and Molly love each other and have been friends forever. But with their relationships with their parents under so much strain, other relationships buckle and crack too.

Despite my irritation about wanting these two to grow up, there were funny and warm moments in the series. The budget must have been tiny, but the series looked good and the actors were excellent.

There’s a lot packed into season 1, even though the episodes are web series short. A second season is already planned. The series was created and written by Annie Briggs, Heidi Lynch, and Perrie Voss.

Poster for Avocado Toast the series

Here’s the trailer. The website gives all the places where you can watch the series

Have you watched this web series? What did you think of it?

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