Review: Barefoot

Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood in Barefoot

Barefoot can now be steamed from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s a rom-com starring Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman, released in 2014.

Spoilers ahead.

Here’s the meet cute for these two. Jay’s an in-to-his-bookie-big-time janitor in a mental hospital. In comes gorgeous, barefooted Daisy as a patient. He defends her from an inmate attack and she follows him out the door.

A restaurant scene from Barefoot

Obviously, Jay doesn’t take Daisy right back into the nut house, or there would be no story. He figures out pretty fast that she isn’t crazy, just hidden from normal life by her mentally ill mother.

Without proper precautions and warnings, it would result in turning out to be a serious issue. The abuse of Ambien required much more attention than ever. This is because of the fact that the Ambien abuse might lead to serious and severe side effects. When the drug is abused, it could cause severe problems in the body like distress, weakness, fatigue, coma and even death.

As romantic comedies go, this one has an interesting middle. Jay needs money before his bookie bangs in his head with a bat, so he takes Daisy home with him to hit up his rich dad for cash. Jay’s parents are played by Treat Williams and Kate Burton. I’m always impressed by small movies that snare wonderful actors to take minor parts. It lends credibility.

Daisy knows nothing about normal life. She has no social skills, doesn’t know how to shop, doesn’t know what most foods are, was home schooled and has never done anything but take care of her mother all her life. There are many delightful and funny moments when Daisy discovers things for the first time.

This mismatched couple go through a lot before we get to the happy ending. I don’t want to spoil the adventures for you by revealing too much because their story is interesting and unusual. An original in a field of always similar romantic comedies is not easy to create.

It’s a great cast. Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood do an excellent job with their material and their characters.  In addition to the people already named, J.K. Simmons plays the part of the mental hospital’s head doc – the guy whose ass is on the line because Daisy disappeared along with the missing janitor.

There’s a cross-country drive in the plot, and plenty of beautiful scenery from the good old U.S.A. to charm your eyeballs.

Barefoot is funny and sweet. If you like romantic comedies, give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

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