Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) Season 2

Nadia de Santiago, Maggie Civantos, Blanca Suárez, and Ana Fernández in Cable Girls

The nine episodes of season 2 of Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) are available on Netflix. The new episodes open with New Year’s Eve 1929 in Madrid, Spain. The women who work for the telephone company and characters who swirl around them get the season off to a dramatic start that never lets up for a second. Beware, there are a few spoilers ahead.

Comments I made about season 1 in this review still apply. In particular the music and the voice overs are still worrisome in some scenes.

There is so much intrigue, betrayal, blackmail, love, sex, jealousy, secrets, lies, and naked ambition among the characters in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable), you almost can’t keep up from minute to minute. It’s soapy. It’s wonderful soapy drama about female empowerment.

Yon González, Martiño Rivas, and Blanca Suárez in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable)
Francisco, Carlos, and Lidia

Does Carlos (Martiño Rivas) love Lidia (Blanca Suárez) or does he want to destroy her? Does Francisco (Yon González) love Lidia or does he want to destroy her? Are they working against her for for her? The answer to that changes every few scenes, so pay attention.

Nadia de Santiago, Maggie Civantos, Blanca Suárez, and Ana Fernández in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable)
Marga, Ángeles, Lidia and Carlota

The four cable girls who are loyal friends get involved in something dangerously illegal in the first episode. It haunts them through every episode. In addition to Lidia, they are Marga (Nadia de Santiago),  Carlota (Ana Fernández), and Ángeles (Maggie Civantos).

Here’s a quick rundown on the cuatro chicas del cable: Marga and Pablo (Nico Romero) are still a thing, but like any love story, their story does not run smoothly.

Ana Polvorosa and Ana Fernández in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable)
Sara and Carlota

Carlota, Miguel (Borja Luna), and Sara (Ana Polvorosa) are a thing. Miguel isn’t as prominent in many episodes, and the issues over rotary dial phones have moved to the rear, too. Carlota and Sara are featured more.

Ana Fernández in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable)
Señor Diaz?

Carlota finds Sara dressed like this. Sara explains, of course. She talks about feeling trapped in a woman’s body. Carlota quickly becomes supportive about Sara’s secret. Miguel takes it less well.

Sara’s story takes us into a horrifying look at the way the medical establishment treated transgender individuals in 1929. What a nightmare.

Ángeles, the one with the abusive husband Mario (Sergio Mur), is suddenly and precariously set free from his abuse. That freedom comes with police – nerve wracking, indeed. Police Inspector Cuevas (Antonio Velázquez) hangs around Ángeles quite persistently. He’s very handsome, by the way. Maybe too handsome.

Mario’s mistress Carolina (Iria del Río) isn’t making things any easier for anyone. She’s pregnant, then she isn’t. She has a ton of money but it isn’t hers.

Blanca Suárez in Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable)

Lidia, who I consider the lead character in the entire series, is torn between her feelings for Carlos and Francisco. She’s the smartest person in the company and has to fight to get her ideas about installing telephone booths everywhere even heard. Especially after Carlos claims credit for the idea. Nobody believes a woman could have a good idea.

From the perspective of 2018, Lidia is far too concerned with which man she’s in love with. Especially since she’s better at business than any of them. From the perspective of 1929, Lidia needs a man to succeed and picking the right one is an important decision. Even so, I wanted her to kick both of those conniving pretty boys to the curb. And she did, just when she needed them the most. But, of course, she took some or all of them back.

Remember Elisa (Ángela Cremonte)? She’s Carlos’ sister and Francisco’s wife. She makes a big move, much to the matriarch Doña Carmen’s (Concha Velasco) dismay, to take over the company herself. But first she has to get her marriage to Francisco annulled.

The head of the company is now Mr. Uribe (Ernesto Alterio). He tries to be modern, wants to acknowledge Lidia’s importance to the company, but he’s under pressure from Doña Carmen to give the credit to Carlos. The Uribes come as a team. Alexandra Uribe (Andrea Carballo), his sister, wants her share of control over the telephone company.

By my rather wobbly count, there are at least 6 people who want to either seize or retain control of the company. They are all ruthless about it.

The introduction of a new character from Lidia’s past at the last minute, plus life threatening danger for both Ángeles and Lidia left us at the end of the final episode with plenty of cliffhanger excitement as we await a new season. A season 3 of Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) to be aired in 2018 is already scheduled by Netflix. I’ll be watching it!

I mentioned already that Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) is on the soapy side. Soapy drama aside, the female lead characters are inspiring and determined to take control of their own lives in a time and place where that was almost impossible. I admire them all. I also have great respect for the character Sara and the search for a correct gender identity in a time and place where that was almost impossible.

The women of Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) are full of grit and strength. They aren’t afraid to rebel against the societal rules that restrict them. Carlota, especially, is ready to rebel not only for herself but to lead others in a battle for change.

As I write this, there’s a gap in information about this series. Netflix is listing the nine new episodes as season 2. Other places consider it part 2 of season 1. IMDb hasn’t been updated with any information about the new episodes. Some of the cast members are not listed in the credits. I had to read Wikipedia in Spanish to find out who some of the actors are (that was actually fun).

Are you a fan of this series? I’d love to see your comments about it.

61 thoughts on “Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas Del Cable) Season 2”

    1. It depends on the device you are using, but if you want to hear it dubbed in English there is a way to make it happen. I’d just google how to do it with your device. Netflix provides directions for almost every kind of device you can imagine.

    2. Go to audio and subtitles. Then audio amd click english. The 1st episode in the 2nd season about lost me till i figured outbhow to change it.

    3. Zenobia Hampton-Mitchell

      I love Cable Girls so much. If I had anything bad to say about it,would be the season is to short wish it was longer. The show will be so long coming back.What a bumber to have to wait so long. Whatever will I do without my cable girls.

  1. Started watching Season 1, midday Monday & finished Season 2 last night around midnight!! I could NOT tear myself away…except to take a quick shower!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!! Thank goodness I’m on Christmas break from work so I had the time to BINGE WATCH!! Can’t wait for Season 3!!

      1. It is actually not the first Spanish language series. They had had quite a few. Yon Gonzales who plays Francisco is the main character of El Gran Hotel which is also on Netflix. They also have La Esclava Blanca, El chapo, Pablo Escobar, La nina, Ingobernable, Amar, etc…They actually have quite the selection. If you are refering to Netflix originals they have also created quite a few series with el club de cuervos being their first one

      1. I hope she ends up with Francisco! He idled it all for her. He always loved her and kept looking for her after they separated at the train station. These Spanish soaps are great! I recently saw El Gran Hotel and fell in love! It was like watching Downton Abbey in Spanish! Love it!!

    1. I like Carlos and Lidia better. Carlos wears his heart in his sleeve and is someone who can see the future and Lidia is a businesswomen with these two they can get far and here’s to hoping that the baby lives!

      1. YESSS! I want her to be alive and well next season. I am hoping they don’t disabilitate her….. or lose the baby. that was such a hard fall :((. I really wish they could of had a different ending.

        I feel like when they created Doña Carmen, they didn’t know how awful she was going to be. Because do you imagine your Ex’s mom having that much power to abort your baby?

  2. Love the Language, Love the addiction of not wanting to stop seeing it, and even more Love that is very innovate. Want more seasons I already finish all season 2.

  3. Binged the whole series in a few short days and I’m completely, entirely enwrapped by it, I want more!! This was exactly everything I needed and more in a tv show, the most perfect watch. It balances the classic nature of a soapy telenovela drama, with modern unexpected twists and romance that is both tasteful and endearing to watch – this really does come to a surprise as it seems like it should be a recipe for cringe – lol!

    I have no problem watching with subtitles, and I’m so glad because the Spanish accents add to a heightened emotional viewing that could never be added with english (or the terrible english dubs!!). It’s just so fitting and so right, – ugh LOVE IT!!! I’ve fallen in love with Spain and what it provides – the alluring accents and gorgeous men/woman.

    I honestly urge everyone to watch this, and to watch it in Spanish with the english subtitles. Watching with dubs really take a huge element away from the show that is a huge component of what makes it so special, the dubs just bring it down. Watch in Spanish, and enjoy the raw telenovela authenticity and you’ll be driven right to the edge!

    1. I also hate dubbing. I think one of an actors most important tools is their voice. As much as body language or facial expression, actors use voice to convey depth and story. Watching a show with some other actor dubbing badly translated English over the original language seems like a disservice to the actors. I’ve known people who refuse to watch something with subtitles because they hate reading them, but it’s the best option for me.

      1. I really wish the English voice actors SHOULD do a little research. Such as “Doo-na” (Doña) Properly pronounced Don-yang. That with so many others makes this so hard to listen to. Their emphasis and sense stress also needs work. They really need to do the voice as if they were in the part.
        The use of modern music baffles me beyond belief!

      1. It worth it ! Gran hotel is amazing, and plenty of episodes to binge on! so many fantastic characters you fall in love with! I love watching these shows with the subtitles. When I first hit play it was in English dub and I was like ew! It’s so different ! The accents, pronunciations, even the sayings are important to the overall story. God help me I love the face slaps ! I also don’t get the modern music it doesn’t make sense at all. I’m curious to see the Morroco in love and war, that is with not Yon But the other co star Amaia and also Concha Velasco the actor who plays Carmen) I can’t get enough of Yon he’s such a beautiful actor ! He’s got an even better character in this one.

      2. I agree, much better show although I still love the cable girls. Their first show together was amazing too “El Internado”, I’m the same age as they are and Spanish so I have been following them since our teens and they are pretty awesome.

      3. But the very best is Velvet. I’m going out on a limb here and saying it’s the very best series I’ve ever watched on Netflix.

  4. I really love this series, but I’m confused about where Ángeles’ daughter went. She appears on screen in the first episodes but then is nowhere to be seen. Even on the last episode of the season, she wasn’t in the car with Ángeles as she was leaving town. Did any of you pick up on that? Where did she go?

    1. That’s always a bit of a mystery about television parents with me, too. Who takes care of the children? Certainly not the lead characters in the story – they are too busy driving the drama forward.

      1. It’s a minor foil in both seasons that Angeles daughter is usually left with a nanny and Angeles can never run away with her becasue she has to be picked up and appear normal.

        The finale is a bit weird but I could also imagine that she got in the taxi and then went to pick her daughter up before going on the run.

    2. I’m just going to pretend the daughter made it out to the grandparents place.

      I will say, writers continue to give characters children and then make the children disposable. The daughter was so central when they needed her to be – and then she disappeared.

  5. Chicas del Cable is great! I enjoy the costumes in particular and think the music is a cool reminder to the audience of how modern these women are in spite of the era they live in. Will be watching season 3 for sure.

  6. I am seriously binge watching Season 1 and 2 and can’t wait for season 3. Its supposed to be 1920’s and I agree with the review about the music being too modern for the era, its so 2017 this music and the dancing that it almost drives me insane. I am used to time piece tv shows doing a better job with the music and dancing according to the era.

    I love the fact that all of these women have different issues in life to deal with and how they deal with those issues.

    Lidia and Carlos should be together they make the better pair, I like Francisco but not for Lidia and he can get annoying sometimes. I liked him better when the actor played in the Gran Hotel.

  7. I wasn’t sure about this show at the start, but after the first 3 episodes the characters seem to become more comfortable in their roles and now I can’t stop watching. Love the drama. Definitely need to watch with sub titles so you can hear the actors’ voices – adds to believability. Looking forward to season 3.

  8. This show is sooo good and highly addictive! It’s soapy and a period piece- my 2 favorite things! I don’t watch it dubbed and I’m not one bit upset about having to read what they say. It is a sexy and beautiful language and I enjoy listening to it in the actual actor’s voice, especially Carlos and Francisco . I’m team Carlos btw.

    1. Carlos and Francisco are both crazy handsome. I’d never considered which team I might be on. Francisco might be more loyal. Carlos is rich, but the mother-in-law would be a horror. I might be on team Lydia alone.

    2. Hell yes ! Everyone watches it dubbed but it’s way better when you hear them and their passion. Team Carlos all the way ! What episode are you on?

      Or have you finished …

  9. So many of you love this. I do like it myself but I think Velvet was better. I know reading the subtitles is a drag but it’s a lovely language to listen to.

    1. season one of Velvet was good, season 2 too corny. I’m learning Spanish, though English translations are somewhat crude, my French helps me with those Spanish expressions. I would hate dubbing.

  10. Do they have a list of the English voice over cast? I recognize some of the voices but not sure what the names of the actors are IMB and Wikipedia aren’t helping. Can’t find the list anywhere.

  11. The English voiceovers were terrible. Fortunately it only took me 5 minutes to realize this was a Spanish should and watching in Spanish would be WAY better. So I did that, but still had issues with this show.

    The music is horrible. People conduct their affairs in hallways and offices with walls of glass and yet no one seems to notice what’s going on.

    Francisco wasn’t gone for 10 seconds before they introduced a new man.

    Honestly, if I knew it was a soap, I wouldn’t have watched. But after investing in three episodes and still being unable to decide how I felt, I decided to keep watching. I really only like Sara and Miguel and Elisa (who, I didn’t love at first but when you think about it – no one is ever really looking out for her). I like Uribe, but I’m sure they’ll unearth some secret about him because every man on this show has issues – Franciso is a cheater who acts like a jerk when he doesn’t get what he wants, Carlos acts like a brat and a jerk when HE doesn’t get what he wants, Miguel who was awesome in season 1 turned into a jerk with a drug habit we never heard about. Pablo has no spine. So, we’ll see what they do with Uribe.

    I will say, I know relationships play a big part in most of our lives, but it would be great to see a show about “female empowerment” that was less wrapped up in man drama and love triangles. It’s the central focus of so many shows.

  12. I really like this. I LOVE the Era. The clothes, technology, and especially the architecture. Team Fransisco because Carlos’ attitude in Season 2. Like, yes, she lied to him, but he didn’t need to act as crappy as he did. Well, Fransisco has a bad attitude too, I guess. Eh, I say throw ’em both to the wolves and move on.

  13. I love this so much. Binged watched Gran Hotel and Morocco…..this is so addictive too…Yon Gonzalez was a much nicer charachter in Gran Hotel…still he’s very handsome….i think Lidia would do far better on her own but it was the 1920’s so different times and women weren’t taken seriously without a man by their side….

  14. I love this series! I binged watched it for about 3days! Beautiful girls! It’s a combination of the thriller, romance, comedy (Marga-Pablo-Marisol) with old plot of the story but modern attitude of the characters. Team Carlos all the way!

  15. I never ship the rich guys, and even more so the case of Carlos ugh he reminds so much of the male lead character, Daniel, in the American show Revenge. I feel for Fransisco and I always go for the likes of him lol guess I love to agonize myself. However, after watching the season 2 finale, I’m rooting team Lydia only. She needs to uproot all men from her life and fight for her independence. Women like her just cannot settle for marriage.

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  17. Please forgive me but I struggled to watch most of the series and only because I loved Gran Hotel so much and a few of the actors overlapped. It did not begin to compare (writing, acting, directing, costume, sets, cinematography — proving that they all play a big part). And the ladies in GH were also independent, fiercely strong and fascinating – none of which applied to the Cable Girls. Sigh. I so appreciate your review!

  18. Referring to the plot, I was thrilled that Francisco and Lidia did not wind up together… also that “Carlos” and “Francisco” were in “boarding school.”

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