Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) season 3

Blanca Suárez, Maggie Civantos, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández in Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)

Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) season 3 hit Netflix with a welcome embrace from fans of the strong-minded women who lead this cast in its soapy adventures.

There are some spoilers ahead, but I’m going to keep it vague as far as the ending goes, because there are some major events I don’t want to spoil for you at the end.

When season 3 of Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) begins several months have passed since the end of season 2. Lidia (Blanca Suárez) and her friends from the telephone company are all together for Lidia’s wedding. These women, Ángeles (Maggie Civantos), Marga (Nadia de Santiago), Carlota (Ana Fernández), and Sara (Ana Polvorosa) are the key players as the women friends who support each other through everything.

Lidia’s baby girl, Eva, is now 6 months old. The baby goes with Lidia’s friends to the church. The writers play cute with us, not letting us see for quite a while whether Lidia is marrying Francisco (Yon González) or Carlos (Martiño Rivas). We finally see – she’s marrying Carlos, who is Eva’s father.

They are about halfway through their vows when the church catches on fire and everyone has to run outside. The baby Eva is missing, as is Elisa Cifuentes (Ángela Cremonte). Elisa was married to Francisco at one time, but now she’s married to Sebastián Uribe (Ernesto Alterio). Sebastián runs the phone company for Doña Carmen Cifuentes (Concha Velasco).

Blanca Suárez in Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)
Lidia holds on to the hope that her baby will be found

The police tell Lidia her baby is dead. However, Lidia quickly realizes that Eva was taken from the church. She rightly suspects Doña Carmen, but she struggles to find proof of her suspicions. Through all of season 3, Lidia has one goal in mind: find her baby girl.

Concha Velasco in Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)
A truly great villain

Doña Carmen’s manipulations, lies, and crimes are so numerous in season 3, she sets a new world record as a villain to hate.

The reason Doña Carmen does all the terrible things she does is because she hates Lidia and thinks she’s unworthy of Carlos. She wants Carlos back in control of the telephone company. Through most of the season, he’s running a radio station. Even Carlos doesn’t know that Eva and his sister are alive. Eventually we find out that both baby Eva and Elisa are hidden in a convent.

Other storylines running through Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) season 3 involve Marga and her husband Pablo (Nico Romero). Pablo is hurt in the church fire. His brother Julio (Nico Romero again) was there. Since the two of them look exactly alike, Julio pretends to be Pablo at work some of the time. He also pretends to be Pablo at home one night with Marga, with interesting results.

Ángeles (Maggie Civantos) is blackmailed into helping the cop (Antonio Velázquez) from last season. She’s forced to help him try to catch some crooks who hang out in Francisco’s new night club, The White Lady.

Carlota and Sara are together, minus Miguel (Borja Luna). Miguel remains in the story, but he works at The White Lady.

Carlota’s father dies and she and Sara take over the family home. Sara lives as a man, Oscar, at home with Carlota, but in public still must dress as a woman. The two of them are involved in a radical group of activists who are working for freedom and equality for women. They stir up a good deal of controversy, especially after Carlota starts talking on the radio about society’s treatment of women.

Blanca Suárez, Maggie Civantos, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández in Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)
The Cable Girls stick together

There are plenty of crazy soapy surprises and twists in Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable), as you would expect if you’ve seen the first 2 seasons. All the major storylines weave together into a dangerous season finale. There’s a takeover of the phone company building by terrorists who want the king to abdicate the crown. It’s volatile. There are bombs everywhere. Almost every major character in the cast is in the building.

Under these life-threatening circumstances, people realize who they love and who they want to save. With bombs ticking beside them, Lidia finally forces Doña Carmen to reveal where the baby is.

The climactic moments of the season are both good and bad. Some things I was hoping for happened. Some people got justice. But one thing happened that will make a lot of the fans of Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) very sad.

A couple of new cast members deserve a quick mention. Patricia Peñalver plays Perla, a young woman who reminds Francisco (and us) of a younger Lidia. He gives Perla work in his cabaret. Lucho Fernández plays Guzmán, the person the cop – with Ángeles’ help – tries to bring down. Guzmán is an old friend of Lidia’s, which makes him handy when she needs a favor.

The themes running through the series continue to be female empowerment and female friendship. Season 3 added themes around of the bonds of motherhood. The loves lives and relationships of the chicas are always part of the glue holding the series together.

The women are involved in a number of activities that highlight the choice between seeking revenge vs. seeking justice. That brings up many conversations about stooping to the level of the people you are trying to defeat. Taking the moral high road isn’t easy when you want something desperately such as finding your child or changing the social order.

The acting in the series is brilliantly done. Telenovelas like Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) are always emotional. It’s part of their DNA. Season 3 was especially grueling for Lidia as the grieving mother. Blanca Suárez did an outstanding job in the role. Nico Romero also deserves praise for creating two very different brothers.

Not just the acting, but the costumes, the sets, the directing, the cinematography – everything about the series is top quality work. I haven’t heard anything about a season 4, but this series is so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it confirmed soon.

Did you binge watch all of season 3 the first weekend like I did? What did you think of the new season of Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable)?

Take a look at the trailer.

9 thoughts on “Review: Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable) season 3”

  1. i absolutely binge watched season 3 on the wknd, absolutely love this show and agree 100% with your review. i’m so glad its dubbed on Netflix as I hate reading subtitles. what a brilliant show. this time around I watched it with my daughter and she loved it too. my favourite thing about cable girls is I never know whats going to happen next. the acting and storylines are truly superb. i’m sure their will be a season 4!

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  4. Like the show but the writing is annoying sometimes. Like the fire. It went from nothing to raging and people trapped. No fire spreads like that.

    The mother trying to force an abortion and her thugs almost killing Lydia. Then she is just hanging out with no consequences? Not likely.

    Other than that, it is one show that my wife makes me watch that I kind of like.

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