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girl most likely

Do you know how long it takes while thumbing through lists of available movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime to find one with a woman in the lead role? Almost forever! After feeling that a movie poster with a woman on the front would never appear in the list, I found Girl Most Likely. I have never been so happy to see the words Kristen Wiig in my life!

Spoilers ahead.

This 2013 film also stars Annette Bening, Matt Dillon, Darren Criss, Christopher Fitzgerald and Natasha Lyonne.

Here’s the whole story. Woman with promising career as a writer flubs up, loses everything in the big city and is forced to go home to stay with her estranged family for a while. The whole fiasco which follows leads to a happy ending. (I may have left out a couple of parts.)

While predictable in plot, the film still manages to be delightful in delivery. It’s funny. It’s about love and family, quiet topics that I much prefer to stories about overly strong men who can’t think of anything to do but kill everyone they see.

Kristen Wiig is full of New Yorker angst and neuroses. Annette Bening is fabulous as a wacky mother with a gambling habit and a younger boyfriend who is happy to spank. Darren Criss is especially delightful here because he doesn’t have to wear a blazer and slicked down hair in every scene. Matt Dillon is hilarious. Christopher Fitzgerald is a unique man in a family full of odd. Natasha Lyonne is just damn good at what she does – which is discern your personality in order to give you the proper glittery face paint.

Put it all together and it works. If dysfunctional family romp sounds entertaining to you, I suggest watching Girl Most Likely.

Here’s the trailer.

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