Review: Good on Paper, liar liar

Margaret Cho, Ryan Hansen, and Iliza Shlesinger in Good on Paper

Good on Paper is a true story about a liar. The film comes from comic Iliza Shlesinger, who apparently experienced the liar in question. The film is a stand up routine about the guy, interspersed with a full movie illustrating the story in the stand up routine. That’s a new approach to storytelling, as far as I know. It’s available on Netflix.

Kimmy Gatewood directed Good on Paper. Iliza Shlesinger wrote it. It had funny moments. I especially like the standup routine part of it. But the movie telling the story of the standup routine included a bit too much scenery chewing and over the top acting to suit me. For that reason I, give it a mid-level rating overall.

Iliza Shlesinger in Good on Paper

Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger) meets Dennis (Ryan Hansen) on a plane. He’s smart and nice and says he went to Yale. He tells her all the right things and they start hanging out. Andrea isn’t physically attracted to him. But after a lot of hanging out together, Dennis tells her he wants to be her boyfriend, not just her friend.

Ryan Hansen in Good on Paper

There are red flags everywhere with this guy, but Andrea refuses to see them. Her best friend Margot (Margaret Cho) warns her about him.

Once Andrea starts sleeping with Dennis, things get so obviously wrong that Andrea can’t ignore it any longer. She and Margot start investigating. Even Serrena (Rebecca Rittenhouse), Andrea’s nemesis as she attempts to break into an acting career, gets in on the investigation action.

The third act is the punchline for the whole routine/movie and very satisfying. I found the comedy clever and funny and worth the watch even it wasn’t the best film ever.

poster for good on paper

Absolutely watch the trailer.

Think you’ll take a look at this one? If you already have, what was your opinion of it?

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