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Review: Raising Dion, season 2

Ja'Siah Young in Raising Dion

Raising Dion, season 2, is a full of danger, excitement, youthful shenanigans, and superhero fun for kids and adults. Dion thought he saved the world from the evil electrical storm in season 1, but it’s back stronger than ever. And it wants Dion. This series is on Netflix.

Ja'Siah Young, Gavin Munn & Sammi Haney in Raising Dion

Dion (Ja’Siah Young) in Raising Dion is a fifth grader now. He and his two best friends, Jonathan (Gavin Munn) and Esperanza (Sammi Haney), are still the trinity of justice.

Alisha Wainwright in Raising Dion

Things are good at home with Dion’s mom Nicole (Alisha Wainwright). His auntie Kat (Jazmyn Simon), a doctor, is just home from Africa. Life is going great.

The peaceful setup ends quickly because of two people who show up.

Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner), the kid whose father could make anything grow, shows up in Atlanta with the hate and anger of the evil crooked man inside his heart. Supposedly dead Pat (Jason Ritter) arrives and claims the evil is out of him and he’s now a good guy who wants to help protect everyone.

Ja'Siah Young in Raising Dion

In the labs and training rooms of Biona, Dion meets his new trainer Tevin (Rome Flynn). They work to develop Dion’s powers. Everyone goes on high alert about the coming threats. Tevin also works with a teenage girl Janelle (Aubriana Davis) as she learns to control her powers. Tevin likes Dion’s mom Nicole. A very tame G-rated romance starts between them.

Brayden can control minds. The majority of the episodes deal with the battle against the evil he brought with him. There are action scenes, gorgeous sci-fi special effects, and kid friendly talk about thinking for yourself, protecting the people you love, stamping out hate, and helping others. Dion and his team win this round, but there’s an interesting twist at the end that would make a season 3 equally challenging and exciting.

One of the fun things in this season is when the kids put on a musical and Esperanza sings that song from Dreamgirls that made Jennifer Hudson a star. This inspiring series for kids was created by Carol Barbee. I thought season 1 was a strong season, and season 2 was equally good.

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