Review: The Good Karma Hospital, season 2

Amrita Acharia in The Good Karma Hospital

Season 2 of The Good Karma Hospital takes the main characters down various roads to growth and understanding. In the process, the doctors and nurses at the hospital handle emergencies of every kind.

Amrita Acharia and Amanda Redman in The Good Karma Hospital

Amanda Redman as Dr. Lydia Fonseca and Amrita Acharia as Dr. Ruby Walker lead the cast of this warm and beautiful ensemble of characters running a small hospital in India. Lydia continues to be brisk and businesslike. Ruby has professional and personal issues to work through.

James Floyd in The Good Karma Hospital

Dr. Gabriel Varma (James Floyd) is the surgeon at the hospital. He and Ruby often butt heads. Ruby is learning to be a surgeon and learning to trust her judgement as a medical professional. Gabriel might be helping her with that, when they aren’t arguing. There’s a romance under the surface with Ruby and Gabriel, but it doesn’t make it to the top of her concerns in season 2.

Nimmi Harasgama in The Good Karma Hospital

Mari Rodriguez (Nimmi Harasgama), the nurse, almost gets to adopt a child in season 2. When it falls through it breaks her heart. Mari keeps the whole hospital running, thank goodness.

Darshan Jariwala and Achint Kaur in The Good Karma Hospital

There are many, many colorful, beautiful scenes in this drama set in India. Festivals abound. One of the loveliest and most charming episodes was Dr. Ram Nair’s (Darshan Jariwala) marriage to Mala (Achint Kaur). All the women, including Ruby, were dressed in saris. Everyone looked fantastic.

It was symbolic of Ruby finally accepting her Indian heritage to see her in a sari. Much of her journey this season was about her biological father and her Indian background.

AJ Nair (Sagar Radia), the last of the main characters who work at the hospital was demoted from ambulance driver to orderly in season 2. It seemed to wake him up as to where his life was headed and he made some good decisions around that.

Greg McConnell (Neil Morrissey), with his bar on the beach and his claim on Lydia’s free time, was an important character again in season 2. Part of his story growth was how much the Englishman Paul Smart (Philip Jackson) who lost his wife in season 1 needed him.

Philip Jackson in The Good Karma Hospital

Paul was grieving and depressed, almost suicidal. Greg being there as his mate was important to them both.

Medical storylines in season 2 involved broken limbs, births, secret gay lovers, tea plantation workers exposed to pesticides, domestic violence, dementia, collapsing buildings, car accidents and much more. There is always plenty going on in medical terms.

Amanda Redman and Sue Johnston in The Good Karma Hospital

One of the most touching episodes was when Dr. Virginia Mileham (Sue Johnston), Lydia’s mentor and the founder of the Good Karma Hospital came to Lydia full of cancer and ready to choose her own death. Virginia had a gorgeous houseboat. A lovely place to live – and die.

Around all that medical drama, the characters have plenty of time to reflect and grow. Especially Ruby. She came to India knowing nothing about her father. She learns she has some family and stumbles and bumps her stubborn way into a relationship of sorts with them.

This is a heartwarming series. It’s about good people doing good things. It’s about kindness and love. We live in a crazy world. The Good Karma Hospital is a reminder that amid all the chaos and tribulation in life, there is always goodness and help to be found.

Both seasons of The Good Karma Hospital are available on AcornTV. A third season for this popular drama has been confirmed.

5 thoughts on “Review: The Good Karma Hospital, season 2”

  1. I have watched season 2 of “The Good Karma Hospital.” I am glad to see that season 2 is just as good as season 1.

    Season 3 was shown in 2019. But I have not yet had a chance to watch it.

    Based on what I have seen so far I can say: this drama is recommended.

  2. I was disappointed that Dr. Nair’s wife, Mala, was missing from the new season. She was such a spunky character and really gave the Doctor some depth of character. Bring her back or give us a reason for her absence.

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