Review: The Legacy of the Bones (Legado en los huesos)

Marta Etura in The Legacy of the Bones

The Legacy of the Bones (Legado en los huesos) is a Spanish language movie streaming on Netflix. It is the second movie in a trilogy based on novels by Dolores Redondo featuring the female police inspector Amaia Salazar.

The Legacy of the Bones (Legado en los huesos) takes Amaia (Marta Etura) back to her hometown of Elizondo for another case with supernatural overtones that is closely related to her own family.

Benn Northover and Marta Etura in The Legacy of the Bones
Amaia and James with their baby

In the first story of the trilogy, The Invisible Guardian (El guardián invisible), Amaia and her husband James (Benn Northover) were trying to get pregnant. When The Legacy of the Bones (Legado en los huesos) opens we are in Pamplona for the birth of Amaia’s baby boy.

After the little one is four months old, Amaia goes back to work. Her first case involves the finding of the bones of infants in churches. Then people are killed and each killer scrawls the same word for the police to see.

To figure it out, the police go to Amaia’s hometown, which was also the scene of the first film. Instead of living with her Tía Engrasi (Itziar Aizpuru), Amaia and James take up residence in her grandmother’s old house.

Marta Etura in The Legacy of the Bones
Inspector Salazar is a good cop and a good leader

There might be witchcraft involved, or a group with a grudge against the Catholic church. Or perhaps it is unscrupulous psychiatrists and mind control. Or maybe it’s just plain old evil running rampant. As they follow the leads to the exciting ending, there are many factors to consider.

Rain and water are again used to increase the tension. Just as they are getting close to a solution to the crimes, it begins to rain. Three days of heavy rain flood the town of Elizondo. The police are neck deep in flood water as they rush to save people and arrest the guilty.

Amaia’s mother is mixed up in the situation. She still hates Amaia as much as she ever did. She escapes everyone and I’m sure will be back in the third part of the trilogy to devil and threaten Amaia again. Whew, talk about a bad mother.

I had some problems of disbelief with the supernatural aspects of The Invisible Guardian. This film used ideas of magic and the supernatural, as well as Tía Engrasi with her Tarot cards, but it seemed more believable and natural to the story. Although this film lasts just over 2 hours, it seemed to fly by.

Part three of the trilogy featuring Inspector Amaia Salazar is complete. The title in Spanish is Ofrenda a la tormenta, which means ‘offering to the storm,’ but who knows what title it will have when Netflix brings it to the US audience. I haven’t heard when that will be, but I guarantee I want to see it. Marta Etura as Inspector Salazar has lead two interesting stories about the evil and danger in her hometown. I don’t want to miss the third!

The Legacy of the Bones poster

There are no subtitles in the trailer, but I’ll bet if you’re a fan of this series, you’ll recognize the setting.

This film stands on its own, but you might enjoy it more if you watch the first part of the trilogy before you watch this.

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  1. I loved the trilogy. Like you mentioned, each of the parts were 2 hours and over, but went by quickly. My only disappointment was that Inspector Salazar didnt seem to mature or develop over the three parts. Even in the 3rd part – after her experiences in 1 and 2 – there were aspects of her investigation and engagement with witnesses that appeared amateurish or naive. But that didnt really impact on my enjoyment of the trilogy.

  2. Why didn’t Amaia’s father divorce the mother even after knowing that she killed one of the twins and the fact that she was abusive?

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