Review: Untouchable

Rosanna Arquette and Ursula Macfarlane in Untouchable

Untouchable tells about the rise and fall of Harvey Weinstein. It talks about the tactics he used to gain and hold power. A few of the women who were his victims shared their stories. The journalists who finally exposed him in the press were interviewed.

Untouchable is streaming on Hulu. It’s effective in showing what a monster Harvey Weinstein is. But I felt like it was only part of the story. The people who agreed to be interviewed weren’t always the major names we’ve seen in the headlines of the #MeToo movement. I missed seeing that part of it.

People who worked with Weinstein spoke. Women assistants who’d quit. Men who’d stayed with him, tempted by the money and glamour of being around him.

Women who’d been his victims spoke about it. Some of those women were Erika Rosenbaum, Paz de la Huerta, Hope D’Amore and Rosanna Arquette. Through their stories we learned how he lured women into traps, and how he bullied and forced them into submission.

There was plenty of archive footage of Weinstein with beautiful stars and famous women who smiled at him, praised him at the Oscars, and generally bowed before his power. He paid off accusers. He harassed and had followed anyone who threatened him.

With women he was predatory. With men he was a bully. Ken Auletta from The New Yorker tried several years ago to expose Weinstein in an article in his magazine. It didn’t quite do the trick. Journalist Ronan Farrow joined the hunt for evidence against him. He finally found a tape recording of Weinstein that was enough for The New York Times to print an exposé.

That broke the dam, and dozens of women came forward. More women spoke out through the #MeToo movement. All those women who’d smiled and praised him before began telling the truth about him. Weinstein was finally arrested and convicted.

Here’s a timeline of the case.

An important part of the documentary was the discussion of how there are men like him in every industry, in every walk of life. They all need to be stopped and jailed, just like Weinstein.

Untouchable was directed by Ursula Macfarlane. While it isn’t fun to watch, it’s an important documentary.

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