Season 2 of Last Tango in Halifax begins on BBC One

Talking to Gillian

If you are in the U.K., you can see Last Tango in Halifax season 2 now. Here’s the trailer for season 2.

For those of us in the U.S., here are some nice resources for interviews, image galleries and other goodies related to season 2. It will have to be enough to get us through the waiting. Crossing my fingers that PBS brings Last Tango in Halifax to our side of the Atlantic very soon.

5 thoughts on “Season 2 of Last Tango in Halifax begins on BBC One”

  1. The fact that BBC 1 is now airing episodes from season 2 produces a dilemma. There are websites available that allow us to see these episodes for free the morning after they are aired in the UK. Presently, in the UK, The Paradise is due to air episode 6 of 8 episodes in season 2, while most of the USA must wait for season 2. I am looking forward to watching episode 6, this Monday, as the script is not worth waiting for in the USA. But, I think I can wait for the USA season of Last Tango in Halifax as the script is worth waiting for.

    The 4 minute clip makes me question whether my favorite character, Paul, will be a character in season 2. As much as the writers want to keep a character, an actor who wishes to sign on to a new acting job must be written out of the script. And, a new actor/character may be written into the script. Unfortunately, a script is half determined by the actors. An example that comes to mind is Dan Stevens, Matthew, in Downton Abbey. Matthew was killed off in order for Dan to consider other acting jobs. Julian Fellows said he wanted Dan to stay. After all, some viewers may not tune in if the story line omits their favorite character. Julian is given the challenge of writing a story line different than the one he had planned, a story line that will keep the tentative viewers watching. And, most likely, Julian likes a good challenge. Of course, BBC 1 has already aired most of the new season’s episodes. But, I’m not interested in watching them. I may be overdosing on PBS and British dramas that are not set in modern times. (I’m also watching episodes of George Gently, etc.) Sometimes, enough is enough. But, Last Tango is refreshing in that it is set in modern times and has themes that are relevant in today’s world. Worth watching!

  2. Jane- Paul is not in series 2 because he was busy filming other projects. Nicola Walker (Gillian) told me last year right before series 1 aired that the actor was also going off to film for Will Smith’s movie that came out during the summer. This is why he wasn’t in series 1 that much. If you can find The Last Train and you will see a young (Paul) and an young Nicola Walker. I did ask her if it was weird and she told me yes it was very weird to play “lovers”. Also UK actors who are on shows are given contracts for 2 or 3 series that is if the show is recommissioned. Dan Stevens contract was up and so he took that opportunity to move on. It happens all the time over there.
    Series 2 of Last Tango is really good but a bit more darker. Good news is that there will be a series 3 it got an early recommission which is great.

  3. Hi, nice blog!
    I’m realy enjoying it, over here in the heart of europe.
    btw. if you’re still searching, where you can watch it… try the website I submitted above. I watch everything via this site.

    best regards

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