Seeing is Believing: Women Direct Updates

Producer Kate Super and Producer/Director/Editor Cady McClain of Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct has evolved since I first wrote about it back in July 2017. Here’s the updated information.

Seeing is Believing: Women Direct is a “feature length documentary about women directors. Audiences will hear directly from women who are on the front lines of the field: from major award winners to NYU students, festival darlings to frustrated auteurs. They will discover the pathways to successful creativity as well as how these filmmakers drive through obstacles creative, cultural, and professional.”

The documentary is available in 3 different lengths. There is a 30 minute version, a 60 minute version, and a 90 minute version. This gives options to viewers with various needs, especially when used by educational institutions.

Community institutions such as libraries, women’s organizations, and schools can schedule a screening of Seeing is Believing: Women Direct.

The documentary is produced by Kate Super and produced, directed and edited by Cady McClain. It’s been winning awards on the festival circuit. I will be watching for an opportunity to see this film myself and hope you will, too.

You can still donate to this project.

Check out the new trailer.

Author: Virginia DeBolt

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