Sexify, terrific comedy from Poland

Sandra Drzymalska, Maria Sobocinska, and Aleksandra Skraba in Sexify

Sexify is an 8 episode comedy about college women attempting to win a competition to build the best app. The app, almost by accident, becomes about helping women have better orgasms. It’s one of the best series I’ve seen in a while. It’s streaming on Netflix.

Sexify is full of sex. Before I tell you all the good things about it, be aware that there will be nudity, sex, and plain talk. Walk away now if you don’t like that style of comedy.

On to the good parts. The series is very well written. The plotline runs smoothly with no strange holes or inexplicable turns. Character development is steady and straightforward and always makes sense. The friendship among the three female leads is strong and powerful. The music is so expressive it becomes part of the comedy. Everything about Sexify is top notch.

The first scene is one of those “women in the shower” scenes where the camera lovingly explores the female form while soap cascades down bare skin. Then the water shuts off with a screech, the faucet handles fall off, and we see submerged feet in shower shoes in this tiny, dingy, dorm shower stall. A perfect preview of what’s to come.

Aleksandra Skraba and Wojciech Solarz in Sexify

Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba), a driven college senior, is determined to create the best app in the university and win a big prize. Her app is about sleep. Her professor Krynicki (Wojciech Solarz) tells her sleep is boring and she should find another idea.

Aleksandra Skraba in Sexify

She decides to make her app about sex.

Natalia is an excellent programmer. But she’s socially backward and awkward around people. She has no sexual experience. She has no clue how to work on the topic she’s picked.

Maria Sobocinska in Sexify

Paulina (Maria Sobocinska), Natalia’s good friend, is having sex regularly with her boyfriend/fiancé Mariusz (Piotr Pacek). It’s very bad sex – 2 minutes staring at the ceiling while Mariusz does his thing – but it’s more than Natalia has. Paulina is a chemistry major, but she agrees to help Natalia study the female orgasm somehow.

Paulina is Catholic and goes to confession whenever she has issues with her sex life. The priests are no help whatsoever.

By the way, Maria Sobocinska looks so much like Aubrey Plaza, it will make you dizzy.

Sandra Drzymalska in Sexify

The third senior is Monika (Sandra Drzymalska). She’s a rich kid who has been running wild, not attending class, and living with a very handsome guy. Her dad cuts her off and forces her to live in the dorm and finish school. Her dorm room is next to Natalia. Everyone underestimates Monika, but it isn’t until she gets involved in building the app that any data about the female orgasm can be collected.

The women go through all sorts of funny situations as they struggle to find women to test and a way to test them. They go to a sex shop where Adam (Jan Wieteska) works. He’s actually attracted to Natalia and she to him, but her social skills are so bad that many funny things happen before she figures it out.

The women go to a sex expo where Paulina suddenly understands her personal situation and begins a growth process to change it. The series doesn’t get her to her final destination, but her footwear in the poster below might be a hint.

Each of the three women has issues with their parents and we see that worked into their character development.

Once their app tests get underway, their competition sets up a hidden camera to see what they are up to in Room 69. (Of course.) He reports them to the dean as running a brothel in the dorm and they get in a world of trouble.

I won’t tell you if they win or how things work out except to remind you that this is a comedy so nothing tragic happens.

IMDb doesn’t list the writer(s) responsible for this excellent series, but Kalina Alabrudzinska directed half the episodes. I like to imagine women writers behind this tale. Who else would end a series with three women screaming ORGASM at the world?

Poster for Sexify

Take a look at the trailer.

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