Angelique Cabral

Rebecca Rittenhouse in Maggie

Maggie, sitcom about a misfit psychic

Maggie received so much hype, I took a look to see what it was all about. The Hulu series stars Rebecca Rittenhouse, a woman who sees the future. It’s a 30 minute sitcom with tired jokes and trite situations. But […]

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Rosa Salazar in Undone

Review: Undone, season 2, fixing the timeline

Undone is a fantastical animated series about time travel, mental health, and family love. It features a largely Latinx cast and a lead character who is hard of hearing. Ever wish you could skip around in time to fix your

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Rosa Salazar stars in Undone

Review: Undone

Undone is different. It’s animated, but it’s about adults and adult problems. It’s beautiful to look at with creativity bursting through every frame. It seems to be a story about time travel or the space time continuum, but it’s really

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Zoe Lister-Jones in Band Aid

Review: Band Aid

Band Aid sticks to you with comedy, music, fighting, and making up. It’s all in the service of dealing with grief and pain. The film is funny and surprising and ultimately heartwarming.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead in All About Nina

Review: All About Nina

All About Nina is about a stand up comic who gets her big chance and meets people who urge her to face her truth all at the same time. The results are a trainwreck. There are minor spoilers ahead.

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