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Rose Williams and Finn Cole in Locked In

Locked In, not sure it’s a horror story

Locked In is confused about what it is. Is it a horror story? Not really, unless you count some gruesome nightmares. Is it a murder mystery? Well, there are murders but nobody is trying to solve them to find the killer. Maybe it’s a Goth thriller complete with creepy mansions and rainy gloom. Or maybe it just isn’t clear what’s …

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Anna Friel in Marcella

Review: Marcella

Marcella is an 8 part mystery series from Netflix starring Anna Friel as British police officer DS Marcella Backland. Overall it was excellent and I watched it with great interest, but there were many confusing aspects to the series. There are minor spoilers ahead.

jennifer beals

Upcoming TV Series with Female Leads

New TV series in the works with women in the lead or co-lead roles look very good. Some start as soon as summer, some are scheduled for fall. Starting in June on TNT is Murder in the First, which stars Teye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson. Kathleen Robertson may not continue throughout the series as lead, because she’s only in 7 …

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Summer Pilots

What do you Think of the Summer Pilots?

The other day I mentioned a couple of pilots on TNT that I’m super excited about that star Jennifer Beals and Julia Stiles. The big networks – NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, and FOX – all have a full slate of summer shows lined up. You can see the full list by following the links. I want to mention the ones …

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