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  • Review: Ascension

    Review: Ascension

    Ascension, a three night event on SyFy was emphatically uneven. It was utterly boring at times, and edge-of-the-seat exciting at others. It was predictable while being unpredictable. It was disgustingly sexist but a paean to women by the end. Major spoilers ahead! The situation was a set-up. The previews showed a space ship launched from […]

  • Watch This: Ascension Trailers and Features

    Watch This: Ascension Trailers and Features

    Ascension is a 3 night special playing on SyFy starting December 15. There are previews and promos available for this interesting new science fiction tale. I thought I’d let you look at several of them. I remember the 60s and the early space program, so the series is especially interesting to me. Talking about how […]

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