Mosquita y Mari from director Aurora Guerrero

Mosquita y Mari is a film Netflix repeatedly put in my recommended queue. Since it came out in 2012, I ignored it. Finally, on a night when I couldn’t find anything new to watch, I took a look at it.

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Review: Gentefied

Gentefied is a Spanglish mashup of gente (people) and gentrified that perfectly expresses what this bilingual comedy series on Netflix is about.

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Review: Queen Sugar, season 2

Queen Sugar season 2 is now available on Hulu, which is where I watch it since I don’t get OWN. It was actually a great experience to binge the whole 16 episode season on Hulu, even though it took several days. The power, the impact, the brilliance of Queen Sugar just soaks into you when you binge watch it. Continue reading “Review: Queen Sugar, season 2”