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Tag: Beauty in Truth

  • Wisdom Sharing: A Week with the Goddess Spirit

    Wisdom Sharing: A Week with the Goddess Spirit

    I spent last week at a conference in Ghost Ranch, NM. The conference, called Wisdom Sharing, featured Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem and Dr. Chung Hyun Kyung. The marvelous moderator, shown on the left above, was Dr. Melanie Harris. The location is stunning in its beauty and spirit. The women who were the star attractions were […]

  • Review: Beauty in Truth

    Review: Beauty in Truth

    Beauty in Truth, a film by Pratibha Parmar, is a documentary about American writer and activist Alice Walker. Predisposed to love it would be a good description of my attitude toward the film. I’m a lifelong admirer of Alice Walker. I have a tendency to finish her books and turn back to page 1 and […]

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