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  • Review: Bridgerton, season 2

    Review: Bridgerton, season 2

    Bridgerton, season 2, the Shondaland saga set in Regency England, shifted its focus to Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey). He needed a wealthy bride in order for his family to continue its luxurious and prestiged position in society without anybody ever working a day.

  • Review: Dear White People, Vol. 3

    Review: Dear White People, Vol. 3

    Dear White People, vol. 3, continues to make fun of modern life with its racial problems and insane politics. It even makes fun of the show itself. It’s fresh, funny, brutally pointed and honest. As with previous seasons, I completely recommend this series.

  • Review: Queen Sugar, season 2

    Review: Queen Sugar, season 2

    Queen Sugar season 2 is now available on Hulu, which is where I watch it since I don’t get OWN. It was actually a great experience to binge the whole 16 episode season on Hulu, even though it took several days. The power, the impact, the brilliance of Queen Sugar just soaks into you when […]

  • 5 Female Directors Who Should be Better Known

    5 Female Directors Who Should be Better Known

    These five women directors have amassed 64 directing credits between them. Some are foreign and/or women of color. All are talented and should have names as easily recognized as those of male directors. I picked these 5 women almost randomly from the many sources listing talented and available women with directing experience who seem to […]

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