David Dencik

Noomi Rapace in Black Crab

Review: Black Crab, yikes it’s cold

Black Crab (Svart krabba) brings action and thrills from the frozen north. Noomi Rapace is a soldier in a post apocalyptic world. She’s sent on a dangerous mission across a frozen ocean on ice skates.

Danica Curcic in The Chestnut Man

Review: The Chestnut Man, Danish noir mystery

The Chestnut Man is an excellent Danish noir suspense and mystery series streaming on Netflix. A great length for binge watching with 6 episodes, the series takes the lead character, a woman police detective, through several crimes in the chase for a serial killer.

Elisabeth Moss in Top of the Lake

Watch This: Trailer for Top of the Lake: China Girl

Top of the Lake: China Girl, a mystery series from Jane Campion and Gerard Lee will be released on Sundance TV in the U.S. this September. The day after each of the 6 episodes air on Sundance TV, they will be available on Hulu.

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