Elodie Yung

Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe in The Endgame

Short takes on The Endgame, The Cleaning Lady, and Naomi

I still watch broadcast television with favorite weekly shows, just like the old days before streaming. I want to talk about three I’ve been enjoying. All have minority women in lead roles. They are The Endgame, The Cleaning Lady, and Naomi.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee in Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

Review: Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals on Disney+ is a superpowered adventure with royal children. But only the second born royal children. The first born go on to become kings and queens, while the second born learn how to save the world.

Krysten Ritter in The Defenders

Review: The Defenders season 1

The Defenders season 1 is part origin story for the supergroup known as The Defenders and part war against the Hand, a superevil power. Most of the supporting characters from the individual series for each of the 4 superheroes make at least a small appearance. There are a few mild spoilers in the review.

Krysten Ritter in The Defenders

Watch This: The Trailer for The Defenders

The Defenders doesn’t start on Netflix until August 18, 2017 but we have the first trailer. And it features some of my favorite Marvel women!

Elodie Yung as Elektra in Daredevil

Watch This: Trailers for Daredevil Season 2

I watched the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil because I heard it had some crossover with Jessica Jones. That amounted mainly to the inclusion of the nurse Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson). By the time I realized what slim pickings the crossover included, I was hooked on the series.

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