Review: Aquarius

Aquarius stars Sonia Braga in a story about a Brazilian woman who refuses to move out of her home. It’s in a beachfront location on Boa Viagem Avenue, Recife. Sonia Braga’s performance is stunning – I would even say magnificent – in Aquarius. Continue reading “Review: Aquarius”

Recommended Foreign Language Films and TV Series

I’ve reviewed a number of foreign language films and TV shows here on Old Ain’t Dead. This is a summary post helping you find them all. I’ve categorized them by language. Some of these may have gone from the various streaming services, check the date of the review if it isn’t where I say it is. Last updated 2/27/2019.

Continue reading “Recommended Foreign Language Films and TV Series”

Review: Been So Long

Been So Long is a musical love story. It’s unusual, full of unique touches. At its core, it’s a simple story about opening up your heart and giving love a chance. Continue reading “Review: Been So Long”

Review: The Art of Loving: Story of Michalina Wislocka

Michalina Wislocka was a Polish gynecologist and sexologist. In the late 1970s, she managed, after a long struggle, to get a guide to sexual happiness called The Art of Loving published. The Art of Loving: Story of Michalina Wislocka (Sztuka kochania. Historia Michaliny Wisłockiej) is based on her true story. Continue reading “Review: The Art of Loving: Story of Michalina Wislocka”

Review: A Whale of a Tale

A Whale of a Tale from director Megumi Sasaki is a years-long examination of the lives of local whalers, global activists with an American journalist in the whale and dolphin killing town of Taiji, Japan. Continue reading “Review: A Whale of a Tale”

Review: Mary Goes Round

Mary Goes Round from writer and director Molly McGlynn is a Canadian film about a substance abuse counsellor who is herself an alcoholic. The irony abounds in this moving drama about broken people who find ways to muddle through in spite of their issues. Continue reading “Review: Mary Goes Round”

Review: Thelma

Thelma was Norway’s submission for the Foreign Language Film Award of the 90th Annual Academy Awards. It’s received worldwide nominations for everything from acting to cinematography to directing to music. For all its glory, I don’t think it’s a mainstream film I recommend to everybody. There are spoilers ahead. Continue reading “Review: Thelma”

So Many Great Foreign Films and TV in English

We love foreign films and TV. How about foreign films and TV in English? Even better! Many foreign films and TV shows from England, Australia and other English speaking countries make their way to US viewers via streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Acorn, YouTube and others.

Here’s a summary of the ones I consider the best. Last updated 3/8/2019. Continue reading “So Many Great Foreign Films and TV in English”

Review: Sunday’s Illness (La enfermedad del domingo)

Sunday’s Illness (La enfermedad del domingo) is a Spanish film currently streaming on Netflix. It’s the exquisitely beautiful and exquisitely painful story of a woman who searches out her mother 30 years after her mother abandoned her. Continue reading “Review: Sunday’s Illness (La enfermedad del domingo)”

Review: To Each, Her Own (Les goûts et les couleurs)

To Each, Her Own (Les goûts et les couleurs) is a French film now on Netflix. I found the main character irritating in numerous ways, but stuck with it to the end to see what she would finally do. What she finally did was irritating, too. Continue reading “Review: To Each, Her Own (Les goûts et les couleurs)”