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Nina Hoss and Taylor Kitsch in The Defeated

The Defeated: post war drama set in Berlin

The Defeated takes place in 1946 in Berlin. Much of Berlin was a pile of rubble. The Americans, British, French, and Russians squabbled for power in the divided city. The series narrows in on a few characters as they struggle to survive and rebuild their lives.

Raïka Hazanavicius in The 7 Lives of Lea

The 7 Lives of Lea, time travel body swapping drama from France

The 7 Lives of Lea (Les 7 vies de Léa), a French series, is a time travel story with body swapping thrown in the create a mystery around a 30 year old death.

Pier Luigi Pasino and Matilda De Angelis in The Law According to Lidia Poët

The Law According to Lidia Poët, an amazing woman

The Law According to Lidia Poët tells the story of a courageous and amazing woman. It’s based on the real woman who was Italy’s first ever female lawyer. Set in 1883, the Italian series covers her struggles to be a practicing lawyer. She was brilliant, brave, bold, and totally fabulous.

Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Heshmati, and Ruby Stokes in Lockwood & Co

Lockwood & Co, a ghostly sci-fi thriller

Lockwood & Co is sci-fi based on novels by Jonathan Stroud. It’s set in a future world where ghosts can kill you and only young people have the needed “talent” to find and destroy the ghosts.

Charles Edwards and Rebecca Gibney in Under the Vines

Under the Vines, S2, it’s harvest time in New Zealand

Under the Vines returned for season 2 with the same warm and charming group of novice winemakers. They struggle to figure out wine, love, and life in this cheerful series.

Audrey Fleurot, Sofia Essaïdi, Julie De Bona, and Camille Lou in Women at War

Women at War (Les combattantes), heroic French women in WWI

Women at War (Les combattantes) puts the efforts and heroism of French women at the center of this story set in 1914 France as the Germans invaded France. Four popular actresses lead the cast.

Marco Pigossi in Invisible City. A large butterfly sits atop his eyes.

Invisible City, fantasy and mythology from Brazil

Invisible City (Cidade Invisível) comes from Brazil. It’s a modern day mystery that involves entities from Brazilian mythology. The series, in Brazilian Portuguese, has 7 episodes. A second season has already been approved.

Aleksandra Skraba, Sandra Drzymalska, and Maria Sobocinska in Sexify

Sexify, season 2, college girls turn business women

Sexify, the Polish comedy series, sees the three women out of college in season 2. They are about to launch their Sexify app. They managed to create a sex app without knowing anything about sex. Now they’re running a business without knowing anything about business. Lots of disasters are involved.

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