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  • Do You Like The Walking Dead?

    Do You Like The Walking Dead?

    I got a note from someone the other day talking about some of their favorite shows. Many were shows I like. The Walking Dead was on her list, but I’ve never watched it. Look how popular it is as a graphic novel. iCharts I love a good scifi show. I haven’t avoided this one because […]

  • Strong Women: Gale Ann Hurd

    Strong Women: Gale Ann Hurd

    I’d never heard the name Gale Ann Hurd before last weekend when I attended the BlogHer13 Conference in Chicago. Gale Ann Hurd was a keynote speaker at the event and I’m a believer in Gale Ann Hurd now. She’s currently producing The Walking Dead on AMC. Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead, […]

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