Diary of a Future President, season 2, wholesome and inclusive

Diary of a Future President, season 2, streaming on Disney+ is cheerful and wholesome. It tells the story of a Cuban-American girl in middle school who grows up to be President of the United States.

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Kajillionaire, or maybe grifter is better

Kajillionaire stars Evan Rachel Wood as the lonely, socially inept daughter in an offbeat and unusual family of grifters. Miranda July wrote and directed this comedy. It’s available for rent on Prime Video and VOD.

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Review: Someone Great

Someone Great stars Gina Rodriguez in a comedy about breaking up, friendship, and possibly growing up just a little bit.

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Review: Annihilation

The alien DNA that crashes into Earth in Annihilation is going to engulf and destroy everything human! Unless Natalie Portman as cell biologist Lena can save the world! There are some spoilers ahead.

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Watch This: Trailer for Miss Bala

Let’s talk about Gina Rodriguez bringing it as a Latina in the lead of an action movie, Miss Bala. Why don’t we throw in the fact that the director is Catherine Hardwicke? Sounds like my kind of film! Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for Miss Bala”

Brain Dump: Pop Culture Three-Pack

My premise about pop culture for this blog is that it matters. What we see becomes what we think and what we know as a society. In that light, I wanted to share a few general items that I found interesting in the last week.

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Watch This: Trailer for Annihilation

The sci-fi thriller Annihilation based on Jeff VanderMeer’s best-selling Southern Reach Trilogy released its first teaser. Continue reading “Watch This: Trailer for Annihilation”

Brain Dump: Blindspot, Shots Fired, Jane the Virgin

A brain dump is a few short takes on TV shows. This time I talk about Blindspot, Shots Fired, and Jane the Virgin.
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